BP clean up worker Malcolm Coco told Al Jazeera that there has been a massive coverup of the size of the BP oil spill:

This fire initially was the biggest fire ever in the world. But every day we exceeded those numbers ….

[Clean-up worker Malcolm Coco] says he has evidence there was more oil spilled than has ever been publicly admitted.

“In all categories it was a massive coverup the way they presented it on the ship.”

As we’ve previously noted, BP went to great lengths to cover up the scope of the disaster … including low-balling spill estimates.

BP temporarily hid the amount of oil in the Gulf … so that BP could pay lower fines (which are calculated based on the amount of oil spilled) and pretend – for p.r. purposes – that the spill wasn’t very bad.

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3 Responses to “BP Oil Spill Evidence of Massive Cover Up”

  1. Low Budget Dave says:

    The thing that bothers me is that we have to go to Al Jazeera to get certain kinds of news stories.

  2. OilfieldHippie says:

    There are two interesting things about this article.

    One, I’m sure that the witness is knowledgeable about the oil that he encountered. Even giving him the benefit of possessing super-human volume-estimation-capabilities, he only encountered the oil that came to surface and was burned. His estimation alone does not adequately change the quantification of total spilled oil.

    Two, the oil has gone away. Nature, with the help from fast-acting responders like the witness, has done its job. The South Louisiana Marsh is actually a better ecosystem than before the spill. If you don’t believe me, we can go fishing. I’m not discounting the spill, just saying that it hasn’t caused the lasting damages so many feared. Even if we know the exact amount of oil that was released (and even if that number is far, far higher than originally estimated by BP), we need to take away the one positive – that it did not harm the environment as much as it could have.

  3. rbbrfish says:

    The allegations (with some eye-witness corroboration and some scientific explanation) are born out in the documentary “The Big Fix”.

    If I have knowledge, I will never eat Gulf seafood again.