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6 Responses to “Jim Rogers & Me at 4th Alternative Investment Strategies”

  1. floating stinging butterfly says:

    Welcome in advance to our humble slice of Fly Over Country!

    Rogers = Agriculture; Conference = Alternative.

    Forget those life insurance/dental visit derivatives — what’s more Alternative than Mary Jane? You know her, don’t ya?

    Colorado’s weed legalization law includes industrial hemp, meaning paper, biofuels, fabrics, soap, clothes, toothpaste, cartoons, crayons, etc. This may dent/hedge your Colgate-Palmolive/Monsanto/Gap exposure, but hey … it’s ground floor to the cosmos, baby. Sorry, my Excel keeps throwing errors, so I can’t give you the #s, but I have a memo from Ben Franklin that I can share after you sign an NDA.

    Kentucky and others are looking at industrial hemp too — Todd over at Minyanville has passed the J on this topic. Blue sky if we get the marketing straight & make some strategic Congressional contrib. Once the tax revs come in from Colorado, they’ll all be lining up.

    So, does this conference mark the launch of the R/R Weed Index ETF? Please don’t tell me there’s a $100,000 minimum to get in, man. Think of us small guys. Entrepreneurs. In Fly Over. Well, OK, Boulder.

    Next galaxy to the left from Denver.

  2. rp says:

    “Alternative Investment Strategies” are ALL speculative nonsense. It’s a value investor’s world now, with very low inflation and big economic growth for 30 YEARS.

  3. JoseOle says:

    Please ask Rogers about the imminent hyperinflation he’s been warning us about for, oh, about the last 4 years.

    • rp says:

      America will only hyperinflate if Ben Bernanke allows it. Japan has the new global reserve currency, and America MUST REFORM or MISS OUT on BIG ECONOMIC GROWTH.

      The next 30 years will be like the 1950′s. Explosive growth with low inflation. Japan is the new Bretton Woods, but with market exchange rates for the other currencies. There will be an incredible world bull market.

  4. The Window Washer says:

    Forget what the doorman tells you.
    Great Divide brewery tasting room. Start at the left and work across the taps with flights.
    2201 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO 80205. Don’t go to The Wynkoop.
    Jezebels 3301 Tejon, 80211 is a great dry BBQ place. Foods GREAT service leaves something to be desired.
    The Cruise Room Bar 1659 Waze St, Denver, CO The Oxford Hotel The place for martini’s. It opened the day prohibition ended and still has the original art deco décor.

    Need weed? You have my contact info. I’m know as “The best landlord ever!” as I let all my tenants grow. So weeds free. I’ll ask around and get you a sampler pack of geek weed.
    Hyatt has a bar with a great mountain/city view. Locals drop in for a drink at sunset.