The perfect April Fools vehicle — the redonkulous Lamborghini Veneno:


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• $3.9 million price tag
• 220 mph
• V12
• 750 horespower
• Built almost entirely from carbon fiber
• Sold out limited run of three vehicles

Source: Daily News

Category: Weekend

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6 Responses to “Lamborghini Veneno”

  1. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    This car also reminds me of a storm trooper helmet.

  2. PeterR says:

    With all the suffering in the world, it seems fair to ask whether it is responsible adult behavior even to acknowledge the existence of such a symbol of excess.

    Reminds one of stories about Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection. Who cares?

    If more of us could simply avert our glaze at times like this . . .

  3. Hantra says:

    I was embarrassed FOR Lamborghini at Geneva. Unveiling this for the 50th anniversary, at the same show McLaren unveiled the P1, and Ferrari showed the (that Ferrari whose name we shall not speak) Enzo replacement, was not a good move. If this truly was the only thing up their sleeve for the anniversary, I would have shown it after the fervor died down over their competition’s epic new offerings.

  4. clay says:

    Thankfully I got my order in in time. I’ll let you know how it drives.

  5. Jojo says:

    Looks like the Batmobile…

  6. Simon says:

    You know when Gen X have come of age. Cars look like Darth Vader instead of Marylin Munro.