Mark Cuban, AXS TV co-founder, says he doesn’t think there is vulnerability in Twitter systems — but rather — the way people are using it is where the vulnerability is at.

Mark Cuban on Tech

Thu 25 Apr 13 | 12:45 PM ET

Category: Technology, Trading, Video

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2 Responses to “Mark Cuban Hates Stocks”

  1. rstern617 says:

    All the reasons Cuban hates stocks are the reasons that I love buying them. Flash crash, Twitter crash, and every other crash gives real investors the opportunity to buy quality assets. Stocks are the easiest, cheapest (in terms of commissions) and most liquid way for the average joe to become an owner. And I’m sure that Mark will agree that being an owner is the best way to become rich.

    I love Mark the businessman; Mark the trader could use some help.

    • Joe Friday says:

      Except what Mark Cuban “owns” has increased in value, whereas equities have not.

      In inflation-adjusted dollars, the DJIA would need to be somewhere North of 17,000 just to get back to where it was at the end of the 2000, let alone increase in value. Buy-and-hold died in 2001.

      Of course, one CAN make a profit trading, but according to Hulbert, something North of 90% of market-timers lose money.