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7 Responses to “Markets Rebound as Gold Recovers”

  1. mphailey says:

    Hi Barry,

    Reading over your tweets over the past few days, I initially thought you were engaged in schadenfreude about this collapse — but I after reading the comments on your blog and also watching this video I don’t think you are.

    I am a gold investor, but I’ve been consistently embarrassed by the behavior of ‘gold bugs’ and gold ‘gurus.’ Thanks for your input and thanks for not taking pleasure in the pain of others — unlike many commentators out there.


    • I started as a trader — I despise anyone who shits on a losing trade to bust someone elses chops.

      Note also we were long gold from $300 to $1350 (sold half) and scaled out up to $1900. Gold made us money, but as I am fond of saying, its a trade not a religion

      • mphailey says:

        The past few trading days were a good lesson in humility and also what not to do. I definitely won’t ever be the person who dances with glee when someone loses their shirt.

        Barry, do you think Twitter has made it easier to gloat and scoff at others? Also, do you think the changes in how humans interact/communicate in the past 10 years has shortened our collective attention span and our investment time horizons?

        Thanks again for your input.


      • The internet in general makes it easier.

        I have zero tolerance for that crap on Twitter, and block all asshats with extreme prejudice.

      • mphailey says:

        Deriding other investors/traders and taking pleasure in
        their misfortune is abhorrent, but I can certainly see how
        ‘goldbuggery’ and gold as a religion can help to incite these
        actions in others. The gold bugs did bring it on themselves

  2. NMR says:

    Actually gold didn’t recover…close+ 0.34…equities did substantially.