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10 Mid-Week PM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On April 10, 2013 @ 4:30 pm In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My afternoon train reads:

• Why the Stock Market Goes Up As Jobs Go Nowhere (Financial Sense [1])
• This is the VaR that slipped through the cracks (FT Alphaville [2])
• Why China’s economy might topple (FT.com [3]) see also China’s Post-crisis Borrowing Boom Comes Home to Roost for Local Authorities (Institutional Investor [4])
• Savings Glut meets the Great Recession (Fatas and Mihov [5])
• Traders Welcome Fed’s Minutes Snafu (WSJ [6]) see also Helicopter QE will never be reversed (Telegraph [7])
• Handicapping Labor Data (Tim Duy’s Fed Watch [8])
• The New Central America Second Home Buyers (World Property Channel [9]) see also U.S. Land Gets More Expensive (WSJ [10])
• How High Should Top Income Tax Rates Be? (Hint: Much Higher) (Fiscal Times [11])
• America’s Three Elections: One For The Rich, One For The Crazy, And One For Everyone Else (priceonomics [12])
• Wicked cool new iPhone app: Status Board (Status Board [13])

What are you reading?


Money Spigot Opens Wider
Source: WSJ [15]

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