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Property & Wealth Through the Eyes of Mega Millionaires

Hat tip Josh

Category: Digital Media, Wages & Income

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6 Responses to “Mega Millionaires: Property & Wealth”

  1. James Shannon says:

    Can anyone plea$e explain to me why “We the People” continue to allow $o few to have $o much! Thi$ i$ nothing more than government $anctioned greed and corrruption!
    For that matter can anyone explain to me why we even need one $ingle CentaMillionaire let alone 63,000.
    The Big Picture continue$ to be a voice for the powerle$$! Thank$ a Trillion!

    • victor says:

      Unless the wealth is ill begotten how can we not “allow” Bill Gates to become filthy rich? One time confiscation? It’s been tried, it doesn’t work well…. BTW he’s well on his way to giving it all away.

  2. Frilton Miedman says:

    For investment purposes & economic growth, I’d be more interested in seeing growth rate for middle class net worth and poverty rates.

  3. wisegrowth says:

    Effective capital income now sits $500 billion over its all-time high before the crisis.
    Effective labor income now sits $400 billion under its all-time high before the crisis.
    Here is the math on the numbers…

  4. victor says:

    The section “how do they become rich?” has problems: inheritance plays a small role and info tech and finance (unfortunately) is are key sectors for wealth generation.

  5. The Synergizer says:

    I don’t understand the importance of London over all other cities. Can someone explain to me please (who knows the actual answer)?