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5 Responses to “New $100 Bill Coming October 8, 2013”

  1. if the FedRes had any Brains, they’d Auction these off to the ‘early adopter’-wannabes..

  2. formerlawyer says:

    But what is it worth? ;-)

    • bejayen says:

      probably quite a lot to the drug guys and other reprehensibles… just like the soon to disappear EUR500 note

  3. romerjt says:

    What they should have done is not let anyone know there was going to be a new bill and announce, “beginning tomorrow anyone with 100 dollar bills should go to a bank to a version of the bill. Please bring name a photo ID.” A instant list of drug dealers and other criminal types. (Not original, I heard this many years ago). Slipping them into circulation is a waste of good opportunity.

    • bejayen says:

      I agree and I think when they remove the EUR500 note their will be some identity proof required to exchange for lower denominated notes. Not very often we see anything sensible from the Eurocrats