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4 Responses to “The Scale of the Universe”

  1. Moopheus says:

    An updated but less elegant version of the old “powers of ten” video:

  2. Maseratij says:

    Needs to be updated for the Higgs Boson. Which may be somewhere before the Quark right?

  3. half-expected that that Infographic-staple, the U$D 1 Tr ‘stack’ of 100 ‘Dollar’ FRNs, to make an appearance..

    though, you know, now, “What’s a couple of Megameters, either way, among Friends..?”

  4. constantnormal says:

    OK, so this is size of objects, another would be the distance between objects in space, and still another would be the distance between objects/events across time.

    None of those things are truly comprehensible to exceedingly limited beings that are the result of hundreds of thousands of generations of patchwork mods, spaghetti coding of the worst sort … the miracle is that we can look at this, realize how limited and constrained we are and return to bumble on about our daily existence.