Some longer form reading for your weekend enjoyment:

• Faked Moon Landing? Conspiracy Beliefs Fall Along Party Lines (Yahoo)
• The Silent Partner: Jason Goldman helped build Google and Twitter into what they are today (BuzzFeed)
• China’s Increasing Interest in Africa: Benign but Hardly Altruistic (Brookings)
• A world without macroeconomists? (Noahpinion)
•  Has financialization gone too far? How to Save American Finance from Itself (New Republic)
• Jerry Brown’s Second coming (
• Ro Khanna, Silicon Valley’s Wannabe Obama (Businessweek)
• I’m for Sale – Creative ambition is lovely, but what happens when you need real money? (Elle)
• Neuroscience needs its Einstein (Salon)
• The End of Stanford? (The New Yorker)

Whats up for the weekend?


Death penalty Worldwide

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10 Responses to “10 Weekend Reads”

  1. hue says:

    The Once and Future Swing (Grantland)
    An annotated look at the illuminating GQ piece, by Charlie Pierce, on a 21-year-old Tiger Woods, golf’s next messiah with penis jokes and all.

  2. RW says:

    The Problem With Investment Banks, as Seen By a Bank

    “We see Tier I investment banks as un-investable,” JPMorgan’s banking analysts wrote in a report to investors on Thursday. “The viability of running a global Tier I investment bank business as part of a universal banking business is starting to be put in question.”

    The 10 stages of Jamie Dimon’s blubbering London Whale grief

  3. VennData says:

    Gotta love the nut from Elle who wants to drop in so she can buy a dog.

    Hey Genievieve Smith, you’re completely insane.

    • hue says:

      The Fresh Air Archives of Roger Ebert (& Siskel) (npr)

      The film critic(s) discussed Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, John Wayne, Marlin Brando, “Citizen Kane” and many more.

      EBERT: And I’ve done many interviews in the past where you really got to spend time with a person in an unstructured environment, maybe in an environment where they didn’t always look their best. As, for example, the day I spent with Lee Marvin when he was dead drunk. And yet it was a very good story. He liked it. He talked to me again many times later in his career. He thought it was a good story about that day.

      These days the publicists only want to present the soundbite opportunity, and the sad thing is, the lessons they’ve learned in promoting movies are now being used in promoting politicians and we are getting the same spin control on politicians that we get on movie stars.

      GROSS: Did you have any publicists from Lee Marvin’s movie call you up and say please don’t mention that he was drunk, please don’t quote certain things that he’s saying?

      EBERT: Please don’t mention that the dog came out of his bedroom with a pair of panties in its mouth and his girlfriend said, Whose are those panties? And Lee Marvin said, Michelle, those are your panties. And she said, Those are not my panties. And Marvin said, Bad dog.

      GROSS: Did anyone ask you not to quote that?

      EBERT: That’s right in the story, it’s in there.

      GROSS: Any repercussions?

      The publicist was there the whole time. He was going out to get more beer.

  4. BennyProfane says:

    The little ditty from Elle may have been enough for a chuckle if I just didn’t read this: the other day, and, even more stunning, were the comments to this comic piece. Check them out. What is wrong with kids these days? Did anyone ever tell them, (before their husbands over a plate of pasta) that they would have to toil a little in their lives?

  5. S Brennan says:

    The author states the US should start another e’ffing war.

    The author never wore a uniform.

    The author admits he has no idea how North Korea will react, but assures us, without a trace of proof…that war will be contained to the Korean peninsula.

    The author then goes on to admit he has no idea how China will react.

    Righty’O then. This is what passes for “leftist intelligentsia” nowadays. Certifiably nuts.

    • RW says:

      When I read/hear some REMF call for war I tend to recall stuff like Dulce et Decorum Est: If Someone Else Has to Do It

      • S Brennan says:

        Ginned up wars, like AF-Pak, Iraq, Libya and Syria are beyond conscience, If it was my call, all federally paid employees of the three branches of government would have worn the uniform. Top to bottom, no exceptions, from aides to presidents, from court clerks to federal judges, we might not get the brightest minds, but they would be a whole lot smarter than what we have now.