My afternoon plane reading:

• What If The Markets are Undervalued…? (Howard Lindzon)
• Should the United States Have 2.2 Million More Jobs? (Brookings) see also Austerity Has Cost The U.S. Economy 2.2 Million Jobs: Study (HuffPo)
Fast Times In The Corner Office: Impatient investors. Volatile markets. Why the speed of business is dooming CEOs. (Daily Beast)
• CNBC Viewership Plunges To Eight Year Lows (Zero Hedge) see also Saving CNBC in 7 Simple Steps (Schaeffers Research)
• The Food-Truck Business Stinks (NYT)
• Stocks With Room to Expand Their Dividends (Barron’s) see also Are These The Breakout Dividend Stars Of 2014? (Street Authority)
• Who won the $1.7 bln settlement between BofA and MBIA? (Thomson Reuters)
• LinkedIn’s Real Value: Knowing All About People in All the Right Places (WSJ)
• Urban Compass: can a startup finally fix the nightmare of renting an apartment in NYC? (The Verge)
• Newly Declassified Memo Shows CIA Shaped Zero Dark Thirty’s Narrative (Gawker)

What are you reading?


Americans Are Borrowing Again but Still Less Than Before Freeze
Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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12 Responses to “10 Mid-Week PM Reads”

  1. willid3 says:

    honey bees. seems like they have been having a big die off in the last 7 or so years. no one is really sure why, but some of the possibilities are
    pesticides, fungicides, parasites, viruses and malnutrition
    and malnutrition maybe because of the drought and farmers having more fields planted.

    and the reason you will care you ask?
    cause you eat food that depends on them?
    and they aren’t the only inset that is possibly being hit, but nobody knows cause nobody is looking

    • sellstop says:

      The bees have had problems for years. Mostly the domestic bees. Parasites and inbreeding……
      Still, the crops are doing fine. It’s the beekeepers that are having a hard time. But, the price of honey is UP!

      • Init4good says:

        Bee problems for years, yes, but this is the worst year ever. Bee farmers have lost half or better. Upside is prices for bees (yes, large farms must purchase them from beekeepers) has doubled this season.

        It’s a serious issue. Europeans are doing something about it. Us? Our privately run public sector is fighting any proposals that would threaten the pesticide/ chemical industry. Smart, very smart.

  2. James Cameron says:

    Love this.

    “The measure would allow students who are eligible for federally subsidized Stafford loans to borrow at the same rate that banks get from the Federal Reserve when they need a short-term infusion of cash from the central bank’s discount window.”

    Elizabeth Warren: Give students the same deal as big banks (Politico)

    • if, in Not in ‘Mixed Company’, F*** That.

      if it were worth the Time, I’d suggest she do a WebSearch “Socialism can’t Calculate”..

      past that, the Simple reminder, Pricing is Developed at the Margins.

      maybe, she’d WebSearch that phrase….One can, merely, wish..~

      • bear_in_mind says:

        @Mark E. Hoffer: “Pricing is developed at the margins.”

        Hmmm. Sounds like a reference to Wall $treet’s wizards-of-finance who used ‘securitization’ to package garbage subprime loans into CDO’s. Yes, that’s pricing that American citizens continue to pay, to the tune of TRILLIONS of USD, to keep bets of Financial Titans, from utterly driving the U.S. into another Great Depression. And what of the hundreds of millions in fees the banks collected selling liar-loans? Gaming LIBOR? Refusing to cure property rights for homeowners, many of whom have cash to rectify loan balances, to needlessly watch owners slide into foreclosure? And what of JPM’s “London Whale” trading fiasco?!

        All the aforementioned examples involved big-fat-sloppy bankers ‘borrowing’ Federal Reserve funds at between 0.00 to 0.25 pct interest to heal the huge wholes in the balance sheets due to too much leverage (aka margin loans) to amplify their returns.

        Now, if you examine the education loans given to college students, one can easily see how you could conflate that with lowering student loans interest rate(s). Heck, next thing you know, bachelor students could DESTROY the economy to fund higher education expenses is easy to confuse with the Big Banks.

        Lying, cheating, concealing fraud… yeah, yeah, one can totally see college students angling to screw-over tens of millions of Americans just like the banks did!!!

        Now that’s no ordinary $ocialism — no, that’s textbook Socialism hard at work.

      • bear_in_mind says:

        Right… everyone in America shall kneel at the altar of Ayn Rand and the Invisible Hand.

  3. Born Again says:

    United States inadvertently meets 1997 Kyoto Protocol CO2 emission goal:

  4. MojaveMax says:

    Republican Congressman Introduces Bill To Require Political Approval Of Scientific Papers

    “Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas really does not understand science. Not scientific method, not scientific theories or laws, none of it. Which is why he submitted a bill draft titled the “High Quality Research Act” which would in effect add a politician into scientific studies.

    The bill says that any research done using federal funds (which is the majority of research done in the United States) must have its results and finding approved by the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of the House of Representatives. If the findings are not agreed to, the research is taken from the researchers and disposed of by Congress as it sees fit.”

  5. hadacol says:

    And, of course, if the same man who tried to bring us SOPA. For a pro limited-government Republican he sure does like (trying to) assert big government regulations.