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10 Sunday Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On May 5, 2013 @ 7:30 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My Sunday morning reads:

The intertubes were abuzz yesterday: Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson Says Keynes Economic Theories Are Wrong Because He Was Gay (Financial Advisor [1]) see also “There’s wrong, there’s very wrong and then there’s Niall Ferguson.” (Washington Monthly [2])
• Berkshire Cash Hits Record $49.1 Billion as Profit Climbs (Bloomberg [3])
• How Many HFT Firms Actually Use Twitter to Trade? (Businessweek [4])
• Corporations Find a Friend in the Supreme Court (NYT [5]) see also Corporate America’s secret political affairs (nj.com [6])
• Felix: Understanding the painfully slow jobs recovery (Reuters [7])
• iPhone remains top US smartphone, while iOS gains a bit of ground on Android (Gigaom [8]) see also Maybe the Low-End iPhone Is Really a Mid-End iPhone (All Things D [9])
• How 30-Year Mortgages Saved the Housing Market (Bloomberg [10])
• Guys Like This Could Kill Google Glass Before It Ever Gets Off the Ground (Wired [11]) see also Photoshop this: Google Glass throughout history (The Verge [12])
• How Austerity Pushed American Colonists to Revolt (Echoes [13])
• The Comment Paradox (BuzzFeed [14]) see also BILE (Paris Lemon [15])

What are you reading?


April NFP Report: 165,000 Jobs, 7.5% Unemployment Rate EmployRecApril2013 [16]
Source: Calculated Risk [17]

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