My Tuesday morning reads:

• So, About That Selling-in-May Thing… (Moneybeat)
• Inflation, deflation and QE (Coppola Comment)
• Financial innovation for once works for the investor (Abnormal Returns)
• Gold Bets Cut to Five-Year Low as Prices Whipsawed (Bloomberg)
• The investment committee doctor (Research Puzzle)
• Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2014 (24/7 Wall St)
• Globalisation isn’t just about profits. It’s about taxes too (theguardian)
• What is your oldest, most outdated device? (Yahoo) see also The Weird Stuff Warehouse is where old tech goes to retire (arstechnica)
• How To Set Goals Without Screwing It Up, Part 1 (IttyBiz)
• Ricky Gervais’s GQ Interview (GQ)

What are you reading?


QE & Bond Yields, Japanese Edition
Source: Dr. Ed’s Blog

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19 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. farmera1 says:

    “In order to sharpen our reasoning skills, we must have a good grasp of our own cognitive biases, as well as the basic laws of the universe.”

  2. Mike in Nola says:

    Can you say proxy war?

    Sunni’s (mostly Islamists) and Western Allies on one side; Shia on the other. All for different reasons:
    Israel – Syria is pipeline for weapons from Iran to Hezbollah
    EU – wants to break Russian stranglehold on EU energy supplies.
    Saudis, etc. – just don’t like Shia
    US – We just want to run everything.

    Mostly unintended consequences of taking out Saddam who kept Iran and his own Shia in check. Now Iran has a pipeline to Syria and Lebanon through Shia-dominated Iraq.

  3. Pantmaker says:

    Ricky Gervais is a genius. I think his brand has maybe another year left though. His recent obsession with bad mouthing religious Americans will be his demise. The crap he spewed around the recent Oklahoma tornado didn’t play well with many.

    • Chad says:

      Played well with me. As my one friend says, “Just once I want someone to say, ‘If God hadn’t made me fumble, we would have one the game.’”

      • Jeff Stilson: You know, just once I’d like to hear a player say, ‘Yeah, we were in the game, until Jesus made me fumble.

  4. VennData says:

    You don’t really believe those indexes the White House keeps reporting, do you?

    - Jack Welch

  5. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    I’ve been reading about the US entertainment industry’s latest bit of lunacy. Yes, even more egregiously asinine than suing a dead grandmother for sharing files.

    Boing Boing:

    The hilariously named “Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property” has finally released its report, an 84-page tome that’s pretty bonkers. But amidst all that crazy, there’s a bit that stands out as particularly insane: a proposal to legalize the use of malware in order to punish people believed to be copying illegally. The report proposes that software would be loaded on computers that would somehow figure out if you were a pirate, and if you were, it would lock your computer up and take all your files hostage until you call the police and confess your crime. This is the mechanism that crooks use when they deploy ransomware. …

    One has to wonder about the accuracy of such targeting software when taken in the context of all the previous foul-ups of the US entertainment industry.

  6. formerlawyer says:

    Unintended consequences? I think not. Manipulating commodities prices?

  7. VennData says:

    One Strategy for Health-Law Costs: Self Insure

    Homeschooling version of health insurance for the angry, the petulant, and the folks who are guaranteed to be healthy all their lives.

    GOP governors, wait ’til your swing voters see you opted out of Affordable Care Act et al. Whoa… won’t that be fun to watch, seeing your mug up on MSNBC every night while FOX screams about the continuing search for IRS’s involvement Bengazi, and your swing voters relatives laugh at them and say “Hey, I’m covered. Who the hell is your governor?”

    Oh I know you were right on the economy, Libya, tax hikes on the rich ruing things.. right… you’re DUE to be right on something.

    Go GOP!

    • lrh says:

      Great link. Illuminating. And some eye-opening comments in the thread.

      I don’t understand stop loss insurance but if it is true that the ACA exchanges must take on anyone at any time despite any pre-existing condition, small group self insurance looks like low risk with a wide safety net for both the business and the employee.

  8. DRR says:

    Dividend Deals So Hot Even Dr. Dre Seeking Loans

    “Private-equity firms from Bain Capital to Onex Corp. are raising loans through companies they own to pay themselves dividends at a pace that exceeds even the frothy days leading to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression”

    Can we say nuts? Would you loan money to a company so insiders can the use that cash to give themselves a payout?

    • MikeNY says:

      That’s biz as usual when the leveraged loan and CLO markets get “hot”.

      Only difference is, in 1997, Libor was 5%, so borrowers paid 7%-8% or more to fund their dividends. Now, it’s like 4%.

  9. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    Google blimps:

    Google is going to go all Hindenburg* on your ass.

    *I know — they’re not dirigibles

  10. Bob A says:

    Google Glass adds new wrinkle to privacy concerns
    Critics argue that the technology exposes anyone in the path of a Google Glass wearer to unauthorized photography and monitoring. And while courts have generally held that people appearing in public places don’t have a right not to be photographed, Google Glass threatens to elevate privacy violations to an entirely new level

  11. Moopheus says:

    If by “outdated device” they mean something that still gets used (not an antique kept around just for display) I’ve probably have to go with either the Sunbeam W-2 waffle maker or the Speed Graphic Pacemaker, both of which date to the early ’50s. The W-2 is probably the older of the two, but I don’t know exactly.

  12. Joe says:

    Back inna day, it was called “Weird Shit” because it really was. They cleaned it up to “Weird Stuff.” There were a dozen little surplus shops in the area who were much active and kept to the straight and narrow of flooring stuff they could move soon, if not that same day. But….

    Weird Stuff embodied ” One man’s dreck is another man’s treasure.” And Boy They Had A Lot Of Treasure… If there was no reason you should have it in the first place, like one sided 8″ floppy drives only usable under an ancient operating system written for a long obsolete chip, they had a box of units and parts to allow you to remain hopelessly wrong headed…

    They had stickers that said, “This part is broken and guaranteed not to function. If through an oversight on our part, this is not true, bring it back and we will replace it with one that IS broken.

  13. willid3 says:

    hm…so some one has noticed that unemployment can lead to bad events?

    not that it will matter of course,,,,they will ignore it after the election

  14. VennData says:

    Some Congressional Suggestions for DC’s Pro-football team

    Air Force Fun
    Sea Questors