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Some details on the 2014 car:

- 991 Turbo won’t have a manual option (hence its off my wish list);
-Rear-mounted, turbocharged, 3.8-liter flat-six engine, making use of twin, variable-turbine-geometry turbos makes 520 hp
-Kick that up to 560 horsepower in the S version;
-New all-wheel drive system with electronically controlled and activated multi-plate clutch and a water cooling function.
-Acceleration to 60 mph is 3.2 seconds (S is one tenth second faster).
-Top speed is 196 mph;
-Features active aerodynamics thanks to the retractable three-stage front spoiler and a deployable rear wing which also has three settings depending on the conditions;
-Two-tone 20-inch wheels,
-”Up to 16 percent” more fuel efficient than before.

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Source: Jalopnik

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14 Responses to “2014 Porsche 911 Turbo”

  1. Julia Chestnut says:

    It never occurred to me I would live to see a day when a 911 was not available in manual. Amazing. Might I recommend you look for the old 1973 or 1974 911RS? They are a difficult machine to maintain, a little fussy. But very, very solid and a fantastic ride. I’m sure that they no longer require being on a first name basis with an excellent specialized mechanic now, like any of the 1970s models did (especially the RS). But wow – what a machine.

  2. JimRino says:

    Have you tried a TESLA yet?
    I’d think it’d be almost a business expense.

  3. pcarfan says:

    I am a huge fan of the marquee but have never been a big fan of this model over the years. Without yet reading any of the reviews, I am in love with this one based on looks alone. Per ususal, I am guessing it will be a bargain int hat it will be close to hypercar performance for much less money. This is all relatative of course!

  4. Tigerstripe says:

    Ah, shoot. No way to stir the porridge. Boring. And how do you keep the front end down at 196 mph? As for Tesla, stomp the throttle, what do you hear? Whirrrr. Real exciting, for an electrical engineer, maybe.

  5. slowkarma says:

    I walked right up to buying one of these three years ago, and then didn’t. It was so much money for a capability that I couldn’t ever use, that I got cold feet. You can’t get a set of golf clubs in one, unless you put them in the passenger seat, and then you have to have the right bag. If you have a passenger, there’s barely enough room to take clothing for an overnight — and they’re not really very comfortable for long drives anyway because they’re too tight. If you live in serious urban areas (I was living in Minneapolis and LA) you can’t really make use of that acceleration without the serious risk of killing somebody else (I’m willing to take the risk of killing myself.) But, it’s a great machine, and pretty, and as you drive it lurching along between 25 and 40 miles an hour in downtown Pasadena, it’s just fine. Because I did drive between Minneapolis and LA, twice a year, I wound up with a Panamera 4S, which is not a 911, but is a fantastic GT car in which you can also fit two bags of clubs, or a passenger plus a dog and a couple of bags, and still hit 140 on I-80 in Nebraska. I still think about the 911, though.

  6. ZenRazor says:

    I’ve driven a Tesla Roadster for a weekend and it’s a terrific car. But to ask your question in response to this post is to risk your soul to eternal damnation. ;-)

  7. Captain Ned says:

    Don’t worry, there’s no torque converter. It’s Porsche’s PDK system instead. Still a direct physical link between engine and tires.

  8. “…making use of twin, variable-turbine-geometry turbos…”

    Wow, that’s Radical.

    Have you seen any mention/data on MTBF (mean time between failure) for that set-up?
    as an aside, It’d be great if one could ‘pre-pay’ the, all-too-predictable, Speeding Tickets this will generate..

    Torts, of course, would/should be a Different Story..

  9. Jojo says:

    The Tesla Model S bodywork looks great, especially from the rear. But the wheel widths are really narrow, which makes them look like some pretty model car dropped onto a VW chassis. Totally throws me off.

    This Porsche looks nice but with options, you are probably looking at $175-225k price range.

    From Jalopnik:
    “The 3.8-liter flat-six with variable geometry twin-turbocharging and direct injection packs 45 horsepower more in the Turbo than what you get from the naturally-aspirated 2014 911 GT3 for the $149,250. The top of the range Turbo S has 85 more horses for $182,050, so expect it to do “well under 7 min 30 sec” on the Nurburgring on standard street tires.”

  10. Joe Friday says:

    Not sure where the issue is here, as the Captain mentioned, it’s Porsche’s PDK system. It can be operated as an automatic or a clutch-less manual. For that matter, when you move the stick, the transmission disengages the clutch, shifts to the desired gear, and reengages the clutch, faster than any human possibly could.

    I don’t know if Porsche has released any numbers, but the latest Lambos in clutch-less manual mode can shift in 50 milliseconds. Humans take longer than that to blink.

  11. Livermore Shimervore says:

    This is more a Grand Touring than anything resembling a Carrera. But that’s been an unfortunate trend long in the works since the 997 was unveiled nearly 8 years ago. If anything the Cayman S/Boxster is closer to what made the 911 a hit. I’d call this newest Turbo more of a Panamera Turbo Coupe (as have many). I’ve not driven these grandiose turbos of late but the 996 Turbo, as well as the non-race-engined 996 C4S had a horrendous amount of understeer. The slightest hint of he rear sliding away and it cut power to the rear thereby giving it even more push…which basically made it a non-starter for track work.
    And the pricing of these Carreras have become absolutely ridiculous. I guess QE2 and McTwsit have made Porsche brazen… The 991 GT3 is now into nose-bleed pricing which is all fine and good for the wine and chees crowd, but for serious drivers it’s going to be pretty embarrasing when the fraction of the cost Z-51 Stingray Corvette and Z28 Camaro (yes Camaro) are blowing past these bloated Porsches. Those two GM cars are already matching the best 997 Turbo, 991 S, 997 GT3 RS and Ferrari Scud lap times at VIR…. did I mention they did this on crappy street tires? Wait until they get the fast stuff.
    I’m not really so sure Porsche is much a sports car company anymore. They seem to be catering more to the Mercedes, Audi, Jag crowd than folks with the bulk of their sales coming from Panamera and Cayenne. A point unerlined by the fact that they plan to sell all of their cars in automatic trans. They call it PDK but everyone knows its just an automatic Porsche. They cleverly place the paddles on the steering wheel to heighten the realism but you’re not shifting a thing, its the computer taking your suggestion under advisement and carrying out the shift when the time is right.