Rosner Testimony on Title II – 05/14/2013

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One Response to “Does Dodd-Frank Act Enshrine TBTF Bailouts?”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    Parsing the details of Dodd-Frank as it relates to TBTF, while the banking lobby is hard at work rewriting it as we type, is like looking at deck lights that went out after impact on board the Titanic to conclude why the ship is sinking.

    The cause of the 2008 TBTF’ CDO crisis is only a symptom of the removal of Glass-Steagall & the creation of the CFMA.

    Both are the result of money in D.C. – bribery writing the rule of law regardless of the will or welfare of the people, and the problem goes well beyond just the financial sector. (The NRA wins on background checks, despite 90% of the population disagreeing, for example)