To look at the evolution of modern bird feathers, we must start a long time ago, with the dinosaurs from whence they came. We see early incarnations of feathers on dinosaur fossils, and remnants of dinosaurs in a bird’s wish bone. Carl Zimmer explores the stages of evolution and how even the reasons for feathers have evolved over millions of years.

Lesson by Carl Zimmer, animation by Armella Leung.

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4 Responses to “How Did Feathers Evolve?”

  1. Petey Wheatstraw says:


    They were created, exactly as they are today, just 6,000 years ago.

    Stick to the facts, BR.

  2. Lariat1 says:

    Petey, I was thinking the same thing!!! Especially with the slide that showed the monkey hanging from the tree. My brain thought ” uh oh, this won’t go over well with that large segment of our fellow citizens.” Such a huge disconnect!

  3. KLeBrun says:

    I find it interesting that God created several hundred billion planets evolving around their suns in just the Milky Way Galaxy and several hundred billion galaxies and he did this all 6,000 years ago. And all that scientific research and all those amazing scientific instruments are wrong? Something is missing here.

  4. Herman Frank says:

    Funny that I have to leave this question / comment with your article on evolving feathers! Can you check your “home”-link and your “Big Picture”-link? They are both going to April 29th version. I haven’t seen an update till I typed in Google what happened to your website updates, and next thing I went to blog/page/2.

    Now my next search exercise will be how to find the information you posted since April 29th!

    Happy to see you’re still in the air! Best, HF