I am in town for a few meetings and speeches this week.

If anyone is game for drinks near the Palomar Hotel from 5-7pm tomorrow (May 9th), please tweet to me @Ritholtz

See you tomorrow!


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8 Responses to “Meet Up Los Angeles”

  1. farragut says:

    I’m impressed you make yourself available to the unwashed masses; very refreshing to see.

  2. yon’ Ritholtz,

    one of these Daze..you’ll have to pick “Lehigh”–out of the, potential, ones to Visit..

    if, for no other Reason, then to ‘curl the, remaining, Hair’ off those, here, still, abiding by the “Conventional Stoopid-ity”..

    at the min., you could consider it a ‘Civic Duty’..

    but, really, it would Pay–including that, considered, “Coin of the Realm”..

    of course, YOMP~ (or, better, this One would..)

  3. VennData says:

    I’m looking forward to the most-loved decline ever, once everyone comes to their senses… that there’s a Socialist Socializing everything, weakening our strengths and corroding our values.

  4. joby says:

    If you get up to SF, let us know and we’ll show you a great time!

  5. highlyleveraged says:

    Very cool, that you are doing this, Hopefully you wont get mobbed by a bunch of Gold Bugs who think the world is ending.

  6. Ivana Puke says:

    Thank you for the kind invitation. Regrettably I will be unable to attend your little soirée. However I would find myself negligent if I did not inform you that Falafel King is a stones throw from your location. Their lamb shawarma and broad selection of exotic salads are without peer.

  7. emaij says:

    In case your trip includes a visit to San Diego… do let me know.