704014main_20121102_Sandy-GOES_226A brief reminder: Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane since Katrina. It caused 285 total fatalities and was the second-costliest hurricane in United States history.

During the immediate aftermath of this act of Nature, these 2 dimwits were among many who decided to use the disaster as a political platform. They voted against a full FEMA / Army Corp of Engineer reconstruction, and repeatedly delayed votes to fund any for of rescue.

The claim that the rescue bill was any more pork laden than anything else that comes out of the sewer that is Washington D.C. was specious at best. Do a search for “Hurricane Sandy Pork” — what comes up are the same wingnut articles repeated over and over in various partisan outlets.

Media Matters noted in January that claims of money for “climate change for the EPA”  was actually money for wastewater treatment in damaged areas (Fox News’ Bogus Hunt For Pork In Sandy Bill Continues).

Even Forbes called foul — they noted that the “porkcame from having to bribe red state Republicans — including Texas — in order to get the package passed over their filibuster” (Pork Holding Up Senate Sandy Relief Bill Funneled Into The Troughs Of GOP Deficit Hawks? You Betcha).

The hypocrisy reached a point of such absurdity that the Republican Governor of New Jersey, a Conservative favorite, went postal against the GOP House members as well as these two Oklahoma Senators.

Which brings me to the recent tragedy in Oklahoma: Now that the disaster is on the other foot, the Oklahoma Senators/deficit hawks are claiming Tornado aid ‘totally different’ from Hurricane Sandy aid.

Want to know how its different?

A big chunk of the Sandy emergency package replenished FEMA, which had been underfunded by the usual suspects. The Sandy relief package replenished its coffers. The votes in favor of Sandy Aid ironically funded FEMA, and it is helping with the rescue and clean up efforts in Oklahoma.

I would suggest that the entire NY/NJ/CT Congressional Delegation, regardless of party, as well as Governors Christie, Cuomo, and Malloy should demand an apology from Senators Inhofe and Coburn. These two geniuses were voting against funding an agency that is now helping out their electorate.


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34 Responses to “NY/NJ/CT Congressional Delegation Should Demand Apology from Oklahoma Senators Inhofe and Coburn”

  1. Moss says:

    How about Obama goes down to Moore OK. and walks through the devastation with the two esteemed Senators and the Governor. Christie set the example for them. A few more natural disasters in a red state and CPAC will not have any more politicians to invite.

  2. beaufou says:

    A whole bunch of politicos in OK don’t even care about building shelters for children in schools, do you think they give a damn about liberals in the northeast?
    An apology? naah, a punch in the face.

  3. advsys says:

    How about we just pass a law that any politician caught being a blatant hypocrite has six months to retire or lose all of their congressional privileges, including health care. We can’t deny due process but what ever system that is devised to hear these cases, the one rule should be that no politician past or present should be allowed to be a judge or juror.

    Now for all the wing nuts, from both sides, that have taken this seriously and are going to nit pick over how poorly thought through this idea is. Yes, you are correct. Still, don’t you think we would be just a little better off if everyone despised hypocrites and we brought back just a little bit of integrity into our culture?

    • rd says:

      I don’t think it would be productive to have annual elections for all Representatives and Senators with all-brand new people running each time. In effect, that is what you are proposing.

    • san_fran_sam says:

      Look, both parties are filled with hypocrites. the question is “whose hypocrisy can you tolerate the most?”

  4. DiggidyDan says:

    Politicians are scum. I wish more people in the world were like Kevin Durant http://nba.si.com/2013/05/21/kevin-durant-one-million-dollars-oklahoma-tornado-thunder/?sct=hp_t2_a6&eref=sihp

    A lot of kids died, I hope their families and the survivors aren’t scarred forever after this tragedy. I feel empathy for their pain, not contempt for the other politicians.

  5. JB2012 says:

    Criticizing OK for not funding tornado shelters in schools is like criticizing NY/NJ/CT for not having life boats for all the students… The odds of the structure you are in being hit by a tornado are extremely minute, even in “Tornado Alley”. I am pretty unimpressed with FEMA’s work in the past. They did a great job of wasting thousands of new mobile homes after Katrina.

    • VennData says:

      I agree! Weather doesn’t kill people, weathermen do!

    • maddog2020 says:

      Here’s from Wikipedia:
      “Damage from tornadoes
      The city of Moore was damaged by significant tornadoes on October 4, 1998; May 3, 1999; May 8, 2003; May 10, 2010; and May 20, 2013. Moore is located in Tornado Alley, a colloquial term for the area of the United States where tornadoes are most frequent. About twenty tornadoes occurred within or in the immediate vicinity of Moore from 1890 to 2013.”

      Does that sound rare to you?

      • The Window Washer says:

        Go back and read the disclaimer at the top of the comment here.

        “Does that sound rare to you?”
        Does a couple of congressmen being doucebags give you the right to be a doucebag? Might be a better question.

        “Does that sound rare to you?”

        Yeah it does in a “you’re suddenly a expert after a Wikipedia search” kinda way.
        A tornado every 6 years “in the immediate vicinity” whatever that is 10 miles? 20? 10 acres effected 100 acres effected on each? figure the math on chance of death. Then the decrease based on distance to shelter, then the cost against that and get back to us.
        I’ve lived in Denver for 20 years and there have been more tornadoes here than that. I watched one wonderfully back-dropped by the highrises downtown as if formed a mile from my house. So it was within a mile of the highrises in downtown Denver. Haven’t seen a tornado shelter in Denver ever, or heard of anyone calling for one in a school.

        And because your next comment would be a ad hominem I spent my share of times hiding in the cellar when i was a kid elsewhere and Denver does have tornado sirens.

      • maddog2020 says:

        The point, Window Washer, was that 5 tornadoes in a town in 15 years is hardly “extremely minute”. Yes, it’s true that not every home was flattened or damaged in each and every tornado, but the likelihood of such damage (and sadly, loss of life) is much greater than many other parts of the country. Recognizing that fact is using that data to help protect and prepare the populace from future tragedies. Why does stating that make me a douchebag? If local, state, and Federal gov’t authorities take JB2012′s attitude, that’s not very helpful.

      • ComradeAnon says:

        How many people have died from Denver tornadoes?

      • WallaWalla says:

        While the probability of occurrence is a major factor is risk management, the consequences of failure of any given structure is equally important. For this reason, two bridges, each with equal probability of getting washed away, have very different risk profiles if one is accessing a hospital while the other is accessing a suburb. In the same way, the risk posed to a school, hospital, police station, etc from a tornado is much higher than a residential home.

        It seems inexcusable to not install shelters at schools where the consequences of an event are massive. It makes me thankful to live in a community that is willing hold our local and state politicians accountable for truly serious issues like this.

    • Petey Wheatstraw says:

      Ummmm . . . I believe that the aftermath of Katrina was “Brownie” doing a stellar job as the head of FEMA.

    • Frwip says:

      Well, when the Bush White House gives you Heck of a Job Brownie as your boss, a former lawyer fired from a second-tiers race horse trade association for ethical misconduct, large scale waste and incompetence is certainly a possibility.

    • Alexa2 says:

      Now, would you kindly identify which party, and which party hack (name hint: a dark color), was directing FEMA’s catastrophic Katrina performance (that blew millions on those mobile homes) and that is now recorded in US history books as the worst and deadliest Administration-run disaster management operation – ever.
      It’s on history’s pages just after the worst and deadliest Administration failure to protect America – ever. But it’s before the pages devoted to the worst and deadliest foreign war decision and execution by an American Administration – ever.
      And while we are on the subject, just what was the purpose of all those FEMA camps (600? and stacks of coffins?) built by 2007 by that same Administration?
      How much of this story about Cheney’s FEMA camp contracts with his own company (Halliburton) and the Administration’s planned suspension of the Constitution and incarceration of thousands of US citizens is/was true?
      http://shadow government.wordpress.com/2007/11/28/halliburton-confirms-concentration-camps-already-constructed/

  6. key-bit says:

    Every once and awhile I believe in Karma. They should stand on their values and reject the funds … and Oklahoma residents should vote them out regardless of what happens.

  7. Jack Doyle says:

    Wouldn’t it be better if the NY/NJ/CT Congressional Delegations just were to stand in support of the Oklahoma disaster victims and set the example for the two scoundrels?


  8. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    “Nitwits” is far too kind, BR. These fellows are world-class assholes.

  9. wally says:

    As Petey said…

  10. raholco says:

    With today’s technology there is no reason for Washington DC / K Street to even exist: Representatives and Senators can stay put in their districts and serve the people directly (i.e.,the way they were meant to serve) and vote via secure connections. Of course, the lobbyists would scream bloody murder, but that’s just a ‘business cost’ they’d have to deal with. (corollary: A lobbyist is like herpes: you don’t want ‘em, you got screwed when you got em, and if you could get rid of then you would–bout you can’t.)

    And I sincerely hope that the next time Sen. Inhofe lands on a runway that was clearly marked as out of service that his wings be permanently clipped by the FAA as is for commercial airline pilots when they reach 60.

  11. ravenchris says:

    The best sewer cleaner is a one term limit for lawmakers.

    • ancientone says:

      Term limits here in Florida haven’t helped one bit. Now we just have inexperienced, completely ignorant idiots in the legislature, instead of experienced idiots.

    • formerlawyer says:

      What and let the lobbyists write the legislation any more than they do now? The “cure” if anything is to limit campaign spending. Election spending and the requirement to gladhand and schmooze to raise it consumes, by some estimates, over one-half of the time a congressperson has.

  12. catman says:

    Go back to 9/11. Morons like these two had been beating NYC like a rented mule (on which they were riding) for a couple of decades. All of a sudden they hung out the bunting on the devastation, invented the homeland and first responder meme (my dad was a NYC fireman) and used it for cover to invade Iraq. JAMF’s.

  13. Pantmaker says:

    “Father forgive them, for they know not what they so.” and they divided his clothes and cast lots. We are a pretty sorry species and usually get exactly what we deserve.

  14. t3rse says:

    “I would suggest that the entire NY/NJ/CT Congressional Delegation, regardless of party, as well as Governors Christie, Cuomo, and Malloy should demand an apology from Senators Inhofe and Coburn. These two geniuses were voting against funding an agency that is now helping out their electorate.”

    Agreed 100%. However the only people capable of providing accountability are the lunatics in the conservative base and there is no hope of them being drawn away from scandal mongering and talk radio shows.

  15. rd says:

    Oklahoma gets plenty of Federal money for a variety of things, including Tinker Air Force Base (which markets itself as OK’s largest single site employer) http://tinker-af.org/ I beleive that OK is one of the states that receives more federal money than it provides in taxes.

    I am sure that the Senators will be able to find lots of line items in the federal budget for expenditures in OK that can be diverted to the tornado relief. They could probably put out a call to Oklahomans to see which ones would volunteer their federal funds to pay for the disaster relief.

    I doubt that will happen. I am sure that what they really meant was that Social Security and Medicare should be cut to pay for tornado relief.

  16. DeDude says:

    Helping a wiped out town is not nearly as costly as hurricanes in a metro area, at this time FEMA will not need additional funding. It is interesting that the bill refunding FEMA (and maligned by these two right wing ass-clowns) in reality will be funding the deserved help to both NY/NJ and the victims in Moore OK.

    Sadly I don’t think that the 60% “regular folks” morons in OK who keep voting against a bigger gobinment or higher taxes on the rich, will be able to make the connection between that and the lack of adequate storm shelter for those kids. The will go to those funerals and consider the deaths “an act of God” not recognizing that the inaction of their local legislators were equally to blame. Obviously society should put higher priority on rich people having huge mansions and private planes then on kids being protected in that rare disaster event ??

  17. Slash says:

    As an Oklahoman (haven’t lived there in 15 years), I’d love to see Christie punch these two douchebags in the face, repeatedly. Now, while he still has plenty of weight behind him.

    And people in OK love them. Reelect them year after year.

    Also, the federal and state governments are the largest employers in the state (in number of employees) by far. Including these idiots. But it’s different in OK, of course. Drawing a check from the government is different when Republicans do it. Somehow. In a way all of them are too stupid to explain.

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