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11 Responses to “Solar Powered Window Socket”

  1. f95kai says:

    Sounds very intriguing. How much will it cost?

  2. PeterR says:

    Fun stuff on the home page also (link above).

    Tweet Pee
    The Tea Calendar

    Nice whimsy for the morning . . .

  3. CSF says:

    I own a small solar array, and I’m a big proponent. But this advertisement is a gimmick. Even at 20% efficiency a solar panel of that size would be just about useless.

  4. Init4good says:

    If there’s a battery attached, that small amt of sunlight area might be able to charge it, but it would take a long time. No usable current could be generated continuously from that device., other than a trickle charge.

    • Its a charger for portable devices — you are not going to run your refrigerator off of it but you might charge your portable phone

      • PeterR says:

        The site contains a bit of whimsy IMO, so the solar charger concept may be in part for fun (illustrations are not intended to be a working model)? See the Tweet Pee and Daily Tea Bag product designs also, in this regard.

        Neat IMO that this attaches to a glass window, and is thus an all-weather charger. Obviously this could be scaled up in size for more output.

        The plug looks like a DC plug, so no conversion from AC required.

        Also, how would the recently announced Intel Science Award runner up’s improvement on a super capacitor (“SC”) to replace regular batteries in portable devices fit in here? The charging time was reduced from 15-20 minute +/- to 20 seconds as I recall. Could such a new SC be one link in the chain of a new efficiency here?

        Add in the not-yet-fully-developed modality for exothermic generation of electricity. [heat + proper conversion unit/technology = electricity]

        If the solar charger is inside a warm space (house, car, etc.), especially a small cubic volume with lots of hot air inside (the CNBC studios, specifically the Larry Kudlow Show?), could we be talking:

        Perpetual Motion Machine?

      • Init4good says:

        Barry, here’s one you can get a nice charge from, can power your laptop and charge your phone:-)

        course it’s not as pretty…..

      • Thanks — looks nice

      • mrflash818 says:

        I think a person would be better served with a 12v or USB-connector PV charger at about the 5watt output level.

  5. DeDude says:

    When will they come out with a laptop computer with solar panels?

    • mrflash818 says:

      Most laptops need about 90watts supplied to them via their battery or external power.
      A 90watt portable solar panel will be about the size of a picnic table.

      One company that makes such things is Sunlinq (full disclosure, I own a 4watt 12v portable of theirs).

      The largest they make that I could find by quick search online generates 62 watts, is of open size 52.5in x 30in, and costs about US$ 800. “SUNLINQ 7 Foldable Solar Panel (P3-62)”