In the closing keynote of NEXT Berlin 2013, acclaimed science-fiction author and journalist Bruce Sterling tackled a variety of topics like design fiction, start-up culture, and the mass adoption of disruptive technology. He sees science fiction as a form of design – design fiction that is part of the start-up.

Bruce Sterling on Fantasy prototypes and real disruption

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2 Responses to “Startups Are Not Disruptive — The Global Rich Get Richer”

  1. VennData says:

    Pickup Globalhead or Mirrorshades at your local used bookstore. Islands in the Net is good hard stuff.

    All you BPers should listen to his speech. The declivity of capitalism’s sharper outcomes can only come about through a global progressive tax rate, this nonsense about letting foreign capital that’s been sheered of a tax base to invest in our country is ludicrous.

    The first thing Bush did when he got into office was stop tracking global capital flows. Ask your GOP congressman why drug dealers, dictators and human traffickers should be allowed to invest in American companies through nominee offshore entities. Then get someone who speaks English to shred they blithe evasiveness for you.

    The most disruptive technologies are related to education. Under the current system the problem is when people learn programmer/tech/information skills the American tech workers just get arbed down in price. THAT is what the real immigration bill is about, they want to pay less for tech help. Oh not it’s not Venndata, it’s about funding the immigration complex! yeah, well that too, I won’t say bills don’t get larded up.

    You open up markets then the middle class is gutted with the global labor arbitrage, since investment leads markets. With the GOP voter slitting their own throats just so they can own a fully automatic weapon and stop others from burning flags not giving a thought to why their real pay hasn’t gone up in three decades.