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Source: WSJ


Graphic from the WSJ — a bit more fun than their usual fare.

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3 Responses to “The Best Places to Fly This Summer”

  1. bmz says:

    Except everywhere outside US/CA.

  2. raholco says:

    What truly amazes me is when pricing flights, where you originate your flight can alter the pricing significantly.I priced the itineraries for my mother flying from one spoke airport to another spoke airport to visit my brother/sister-in-law, and then I priced my brother/sister-in-law flying essentially the same route from their spoke airport to my mother’s spoke airport.

    It was double the price for my brother/sis-in-law per person vs the other way around. Un-fscking believable. And the airline industry wonders why they are so loathed….

  3. huxrules says:

    The graphic is also titled “Flyover states to a New Yorker”.