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11 Responses to “Twitter “Hate Map” of the U.S.”

  1. TheUnrepentantGunner says:

    i don’t think this is a great reflection.

    my guess is some of the most hateful people don’t even use twitter.

    twitter users tend to be younger and hipper on average, and even the hateful ones will have different demographics than hateful people without twitter accounts.

  2. hawks5999 says:

    This is a rather interesting map. When you zoom in 1 or 2 levels, suddenly the big blobs disappear and you see that there are tiny pockets that seem to be distorting a whole region. For example, it would appear that northern Kansas is a hotbed for “Queer” hatred. But zooming in you discover that it’s actually Jewell, Kansas – Pop. 432 that is primarily responsible for the “heat”. So, likely there is one raving guy in Jewell who hates queers (if you can even fathom that /s) but the whole of northern Kansas gets a big red blob on the national level. This map paints with too broad a brush to be useful for anything other than agenda politics. You’re better than that, Mr. Ritholtz.

  3. chipmoffatt says:


  4. NoKidding says:

    Is it possible that the author’s personal definition of hate, with its own unique blind spots and sticking points, had some influence on the resulting graphic?

  5. cowboyinthejungle says:

    For those that may not follow up with the source, there are concerns with this ‘study’, some of which are addressed in the article…

    “While the new effort may accurately find hate in Tweets, there are reasons to doubt that the results accurately map hate in the United States. For starters, the concentration of Twitter users is not even across the country, and not all Tweets are geotagged (they only looked at the geotagged ones). Moreover, a lot of Twitter accounts are marketing-based and wouldn’t contain hate words, so those would drown out the signal. Some Twitter accounts are phony. Perhaps most of all, the number of times an individual person Tweets can vary greatly. One guy spewing 1,000 hateful Tweets will make his county look pretty bad.”

  6. AndrewShaw says:

    There are some pretty big methodological issues in the article linked, and so many typos that it is hard to believe that the article about the map came from MIT. The title in my browser tab right now shows “reserchers”.

    The concern that jumped out at me is this: “Perhaps most of all, the number of times an individual person Tweets can vary greatly. One guy spewing 1,000 hateful Tweets will make his county look pretty bad.”

    GIS has some great uses, but ‘garbage-in-garbage-out’ still is underlying rule number one.

  7. BennyProfane says:

    Like to see a map with the concentrations of people like me who hate twitter.

  8. louiswi says:


    There’s a reason that twitter rhymes with outhouse.

  9. rd says:

    It appears that the haters appear to coincide with where people live with a few exceptions.

    1. Southern California – probably spending too much time in traffic jams where it is illegal to use hand-held devices.

    2. Southern Florida – a combination of the people being hated on and octogenarians who can’t operate technology

    3. NYC area and Boston – once again too much time spent commuting.

    It is interesting that the Vermont area looks like a hotbed of hate – too much granola and cold feet from wearing sandals in the winter?

  10. Jack says:

    Twitter Rules? I don’t think so.

  11. pacificbeach says:

    Comically bad research. The large sport just north of Salt Lake City is Malad City, Idaho – home to 75 hay farmers, 5 fly fishing guides, and several hundred head of cattle. The size of the dot makes it look like the west coast’s megatropolis of hate!.