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10 Weekend Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On May 25, 2013 @ 7:30 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My longer form 3 day weekend reading! Pull up a cup of coffee and get ready to have your mind expanded:

Slaves to the algorithm: Our age elevates the precision-tooled power of the algorithm over flawed human judgment. This may not be such a good thing (aeon [1])
Facebook, One Year Later: What Really Happened in the Biggest IPO Flop Ever (Atlantic [2])
• The Pseudo-Business of the NCAA (priceonomics [3])
• Mandelbrot Conceived the Mathematics of Roughness (New York Review of Books [4]) see also Unknown Mathematician Proves Elusive Property of Prime Numbers (Wired [5])
• Left Behind: No break for the wounded  America does a terrible job of caring for its war veterans (The Gazette [6])
Philosopher Daniel Dennett: Seven Tools For Critical Thinking (Open Culture [7])
Bret, Unbroken: His brain and body shattered in a horrible accident as a young boy, Bret Dunlap was mess. Then he discovered running. (Runner’s World [8])
• The Gut-Wrenching Science Behind the World’s Hottest Peppers (Smithsonian [9])
End it like Beckham: England legend calls time on glittering career and retires (Daily Mail [10])
• Welcome to Google Island (Wired [11])

Whats up for your holiday weekend?


Year-to-date asset class returns
BLB37fcCUAA6v_l [12]
Source: Deutsche Bank via @matthewphilips [13] via Abnormal Returns [14]

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