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5 Responses to “Why Apple Makes Only One iPhone, and Doesn’t Want to Make a Phablet (Video)”

  1. sureseam says:

    It is only one iPhone model … if you look at this snapshot in time. If one takes a three year old iPhone (which still has a measure of support) into account then the iPhone ecosystem has to be a multi-model paradigm.

    At other stages they have entered a market with one or two models and not dispersed business energy across a range of products until it was clear that there was a reason to do so. It takes time for that clarity to emerge and product development to occur.

  2. VennData says:

    Why Tim Cook Isn’t Freaked Out About Market Share

    Because they’re losing it. Fourth in China. Nice work, trying to be like Mike(crosfot.)

    Closed systems lose. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer who had everything showed that, by trying to keep their closed systems, they turned a total monopoly into a limping giant. It’s positively Sovietesque.

  3. Livermore Shimervore says:

    Pretty amusing explanation that omits the actual reason. The iPhone screen is puny for an LTE smartphone, as is the battery. Keeping the device limited has the not surprising effect of keeping the device itself limited usage. Which in turn makes it far more likely that the customer will buy a second apple device, namely a 7″ or 10″ tablet. But the limitations don’t end there. Apple then make it impossible to use a mouse with a tablet, they kill use of expanded memory via SD or USB, block flash (rather than leaving it an opt out toggle feature like Android users are used to) and want no part of battery equipped keyboard cover accessories. Why? Because limiting the tablet opens the door to a third Apple product: either a Macbook Air or Apple desktop.
    The battery life and screen “trade offs” of phablets mentioned by Cook are amusing because the Samsung Note 2 has a better screen than the mini Ipad by a long stretch and has a fantastic 3000 mAh battery that equals about half of an IPad battery. ..plenty of juice for an LTE device. Also its plainly evident why Apple’s only smartphone is in the premium smartphone price point.. like Porsche only offering PDK shift paddles on their Turbos and GT3: if you want this brand you either buy the highest base price or look elsewhere. If you can’t swing it we’ll sell you a certified pre-owned last year’s out-going thing.

  4. Apple’s release of the iphone 5 with such a puny screen is the single most worst move the company made. It looks like a 4 with an extra row of icons. Now it will be another 5 months before users get a bigger screen, if at all.

    Many users are grumbling about this. Not a single user i know wants to stay. They’ve already picked up an android (nexus or samsung)

  5. Livermore Shimervore says:

    ^ I have to wonder if that has something to with Ipad share of tablets starting to slip. If more people are switching to Samsung GS 3 and 4, as well as the Note 2, all with abundant screen real estate, it makes the need to carry around a tablet and smartphone all the less pressing.

    A few useless studies attempt to argue that iPhone loyalty is higher than Android but those fail to acknowledge that Android encompasses premium smartphones all the way down to $50 prepaid tossers. We need to see a premium Android, Win, BB vs IPhone study to determine if bigger screens are costing IPhone new users rather than helping. but even if it hurts Apple can swoop in with the over-priced Mini Ipad or their most dominant Ipad3. Either way Apple can’t loose amongst committed Apple users.