My morning reads:

• Feeding the Fee Machine (Institutional Investor)
• This market correction will pass (Calafia Beach Pundit) but see Specter of Another Bond Crash Spooks Asia (Bloomberg)
• The Real Problem: Em Decoupling?  (The Reformed Broker)
• Higher Dividend Stocks Still Seem Rather Pricey (Learn Bonds)
• How Many Jobs to Bring Down Unemployment? (Real Time Economics) see also Why the right is wrong about jobs (MarketWatch)
The scarcity/PR problem of ticket scalping: How Much Is Michael Bolton Worth to You? (NYT Mag)
• Aging Nations Like Low Prices Over High Income (Bloomberg)
• Three-part series on the future of TV
-Part 1: The Cord-Cutting Fantasy. Getting only the content you want without paying for everything is a fantasy. Pay TV is socialism that works.
-Part 2: Why TV has resisted disruption. Great content is differentiated, has high barriers to entry, and depends on networks.
-Part 3: The Jobs TV Does. The key question is attention, not set top boxes. What jobs do we hire TV to do?
• NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily (theguardian)
• The Stocktwits Network Helps Solve the Puzzle (The Thoughtful Bull) see also Estimize offers new approach to consensus estimates (Inside Investor Relations)

What are you reading?


Financial Sector: Bigger and More Profitable Than Ever
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15 Responses to “10 Friday AM Reads”

  1. swag says:

    Scattered readings on the our Surveillance State:

    Remember the 1975 Church Committee and the CIA “scandal”? (I do, because I didn’t get out much when I was 14) -

    Still in sentimental mode, John Poindexter’s DARPA “Information Awareness Office” was “unfunded” before that smashing logo could make it onto t-shirts and hoodies, but its work lives on -

    InfoSec expert/Wikileaks CDC “hacker” Jacob Applebaum ( @ioerror on Twitter, a must-follow) provided some helpful details in a collab for last year’s Whitney Biennial –

  2. willid3 says:

    always seems odd that those who economists miss what they tell every one is the biggest force in capitalism. demand, its the only real reason that they can say its better than any other version of an economy. but they seem unable to account for it when they look to why the economy is doing badly. and not creating jobs. nor can they seem to get the idea that most demand doesnt come from the 1%. it comes from those a lot lower on the income totem pole. but seems that politicians on both sides dont recognize this. and they dont seem to recognize why the economy is bad isnt the deficit, not that taxes are higher, or regulations are higher. its that demand is down because jobs are. so they dont even really care about the lack of jobs (other than as political posturing. like naming bills that have nothing to do with it, as job creators. which they dont do. or the tisk tisking about the lack of them, while ponder their navels about it.

  3. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    McClellan Financial Publications: “Hindenberg and Titanic, Oh MY!”

    Tom addresses the point regarding the A/D line and the ADR’s, closed end funds, and other non-stock issues with respect to the HO.

  4. coachin2au says:

    Since data collection and privacy issues are in the news, this is a great read into just how tightly politics is getting integrated into your personal life, especially via social media.

    Consider some of the ideas and tools that didn’t pan out for the Obama team in this election and consider that by the next election, campaigns will have even more advanced tools in the works.

  5. VennData says:

    I could care less if Verizon and the FBI know who I call.

    Interesting that this not-so-secret secret comes out just as the GOP perpetual motion scandal machine adheres to the laws of physics. Maybe there’s something to these AG leak probes of AP and Fox. I would hate to be to Congressperson on the intelligence committee who hired the leaker from my top donor’s son-in-law. That”ll be an ouch to your patriot cred.

  6. VennData says:

    Hawks take 3-1 lead over Kings.

    ​”…​ We had a bitter taste from the last game​…”

    Well stop with those hoppy IPAs in those Redondo Beach slut mines.

  7. VennData says:

    I see why Christie nominated this guy. Pragmatism.

    “… When New Jersey authorities announced the conclusion of “Operation Swill,” a sting operation that caught 29 bars and restaurants passing off cheap booze and rubbing alcohol as top-shelf liquor, an indignant Chiesa offered the following statement: “I wouldn’t drink rubbing alcohol in my house. It serves a very specific purpose: to rub…”

    • VennData says:

      EWW! I don’t actually want to READ anything, VennData. Just distill it down for me: something like “Obama listens to my phone calls” would do nicely.

      The blogs are here to get you around the gatekeepers and get the data on your own. Do it. get the data, get the facts, become a citizen, not a kneeling servant to the GOP Media Machine. why the heck do you love a political party so much anyway? Are you nuts?

  8. willid3 says:

    seems like the companies have figured out that charging fees (and increasing them for doing nothing more than before) is the way make more.

  9. rwboomtown says:

    Hey Barry,

    Do you know who Mike Shedlock is? Love to see you guys have an on camera discussion some day about politics and the economy.

  10. willid3 says:

    the big boys in the markets and the tantrums over Fed tapering ?

  11. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    Decisionpoint – “Percent Buy Index Warns of Market Top”

    One side note: Looking at the Percent Buy Index oscillations, the compression pattern from mid-2011 until now is very important to watch. Compression patterns like this tend to resolve to the point at which they started, which in this case is in the extreme oversold area below the 10 level. That level was last touched at the 2011 lows, and at the 2009 lows prior to that.

    Typically this pattern will continue to compress prior to dropping to the point of origin, leading me to believe it will drop to the 60-75 area prior to a new move up to the overbought area, and possibly make a second similar, but more shallow oscillation after that before a wicked drop.

    In summary, the Percent Buy Index is warning of a 20% or greater drop off an impending high, but that high may be several months out and at much higher levels. The target for the high ought to be at or slightly above the rising upper channel line in the above Decisionpoint SPX chart. The target for the low would initially be the lower channel line, possibly around the 1425-1450 area on the SPX, and possibly much lower.

    PS: I cannot emphasize enough how reliable I’ve found this compression pattern over the years.

  12. Willy2 says:

    “This correction will pass” ??

    I’ve been reading the “Calafia Beach Pundit” for a while but he’s so US centric and has LOTS of things simply backwards. I simply don’t understand that people still put up that kind of nonsense.