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10 Sunday Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On June 2, 2013 @ 8:00 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Good Sunday morning, here is a quick update of weekend news:

• When Interest Rates Rise, Stocks Don’t Have to Fall (NYT [1]) see also Edgy About Interest Rates? Don’t Pop the Xanax Yet (Fiscal Times [2])
Fleck: Cracks have appeared in the Japanese bond market, and potentially ours as well, as the world’s finances may be reaching critical stress-points (Washington Post [3])
Donlan: Should Pot Be Legal? (Barron’s [4])
The view from Europe: If companies can fire at will, they can also hire at will (Telelgraph [5])
• Washington ‘Spends’ More on Tax Breaks Than on Medicare, Defense, or Social Security (Atlantic [6])
• Labor union decline, not computerization, main cause of rising corporate profits (EurekAlert [7])
• Drones to enter public skies in 2015: Will it be safe? (Yahoo [8])
• Tokyo Prepares for a Once-in-200-Year Flood to Top Sandy (Bloomberg [9])
• Are We at the Electric Car’s Tipping Point? (Daily Beast [10])
• Behind the ‘Internet of Things’ Is Android—and It’s Everywhere (Businessweek [11])

What’s for brunch?


The U.S. Bond Market May Be Much Different Than You Think It Is
Bond-Market-Size-Article-Chart-1 [12]
Source: Learn Bonds [13]

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