My morning reads:

Quarter-End: Who What When Where Why How (Scott Skyrm)
• Central Banks: Powerful or Powerless? Make Up Your Mind. (Fatas and Mihov) see also Risk of 1937 relapse as Fed gives up fight against deflation (Telegraph)
• The Japanese public’s ingrained distrust of investor capitalism (Observing Japan)
• Ratings Ratio Worst Since 2009 as Profits Slow (Bloomberg)
• CEO Pay in 2012 Was Extraordinarily High Relative to Typical Workers and Other High Earners (Economic Policy Institute) see also Labor’s Declining Share Is an International Problem (Economix)
• The IRS scandal unwinds (Columbia Journalism Review)
• Commodities traders call end of ‘supercycle’ ( see also Gold Climbs in New York Trading as Investors Await U.S. Reports (Bloomberg)
• Rates and the US housing market (FT Alphaville)
• What an iPod tells us about the competitiveness revolution (World Economic Forum) see also iOS 7: Catch me if you can (Allen Pike)
• Edward Snowden and the Privatization of National Security (Yahoo Finance)

What are you reading?


Crude Oil and Gasoline Inventories Both Rise More Than Expected
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14 Responses to “10 Thursday AM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito Suddenly Realize They Will Be Villains In Oscar-Winning Movie One Day,32972/

  2. Livermore Shimervore says:

    hardly the most important of the above links, but the “iOS7 Catch Me if You Can” title was just screaming WTF?? (all caps). Then one of the commenters on that site saved me a lot of typing:
    also, see the link below for visual underlining of the commenter’s points

    “Are you kidding me? Who’s catching who and who’s copying who?
    Do you have any idea how many Android features were copied over to iOS as opposed to the other direction? Roughly 75% of all “new” major iOS feautres were in Android years before. Technically speaking, iOS is miles behind all the competition, including even little players like Windows Phone, Blackberry, and not even released OSs like Ubuntu Touch or Tizen. And iOS 7 doesn’t change that. It catches up a bit in some departments (by ripping off ideas from Android, webOS, Windows Phone, etc) but in many aspects is still really behind.- Qwerty “

  3. willid3 says:

    seems like we should know this. but because incomes re down, its impacting demand a lot (imagine that!) and impacting the economy (hm..odd that capitalism would be impacted by demand, many seem to think its taxes and regulations and labor cost that really do that. after all we have moved passed that old out dated theory of supply and demand)

  4. willid3 says:

    hm. newest business fad/ dont pay workers, and then disappear?,0,3125101.story

    that way you can avoid paying court ordered restitution.

  5. yoigloo says:

    busted link to source under chart of the day

  6. Theravadin says:

    Extremely interesting look at the impacts of infrastructure under-spending in Germany, with significant parallels in North America: . They are talking about education as infrastructure… hmmm… maybe something worth considering…

  7. willid3 says:

    is the us now temp nation?
    seems like it, most new jobs are temp jobs. and in some cities, the majority al temps.

    • willid3 says:

      and while some companies might be doing this because of the ACA, more likely it because they can in today’s economy rather than they are forced to. and many of these companies have also seen a down side to it. some are really struggling to keep their sales up (looking at Walmart) because the change has impacted the restocking of shelves. which leads to lower sales since customers not being able to find what they are looking for, and then going else where.

  8. DeDude says:

    Rats, the national debt projections are stabilizing to under 100% of GDP all the way out to 2040

    What a disaster. Now how are we going to justify robbing little people of their hard earned and paid for “entitlement” benefits?

  9. Willy2 says:

    Unrest in Turkey. The next chapter in the “Arab Spring” ??

    When I look at the fact that Turkey has a very large Current Account Deficit (=living beyond one’s means) + large debts, then the situation looks very similar to that in the US & a number of European countries.

  10. willid3 says:

    hm…let change the name of F&F and say we did some thing?

    not sure why we think this will mean much. and why so many thing that can keep the 30 year mortgage on the banks balance sheet. they never did it before F&F, why would they long risk now ? the private finance sector really doesnt want to sell a 30 year financial instrument. besides didnt we just see that entire private sector market blow up, and what are the odds that investors will buy these instruments before 2100 any way?