My afternoon train reads:

• Baum: Grow up, people. It’s time to stop blaming Bernanke for your losses. (Bloomberg)
• Deception by Derivative (NYT)
• U.S. Bond Funds Have Record $61.7 Billion in Redemptions (Bloomberg) see also Bond Selloff Creates Fits for the ‘King’ (WSJ)
• Is the U.S. Turning Into a Nation of Temps? Depends on Where You Live (Atlantic Cities)
• Ailing Infrastructure: Scrimping Threatens Germany’s Future (Spiegel)
• You Listen to This Man Every Day (Daily Beast)
• Sepp Blatter has kicked off Fifa’s Arab Spring in Brazil (theguardian)
• 7 Reasons I Dumped Facebook (Yahoo News)
• How to #Unplug in 6 Steps (Fast Company)
• The Era of Cognitive Computing (Irving Wladawsky-Berger)

What are you reading?



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10 Responses to “10 Thursday PM Reads”

  1. george lomost says:

    Re: “The Era of Cognitive Computing.”

    “Tools have played a central role in human evolution since our ancestors first developed hand axes and similar such stone tools a few million years ago.” That was standard opinion in the 1950s and 60s. The current view is that increased brain size correlates with increased capacity for social interaction. Check out Robin Dumbar’s work (‘encephalization hypothesis’). And stone tools hardly changed for more than a million years even as average brain size appeared to have doubled.

    BTW the blog is dated July 1, 2013 and the calendar on the site is already set for July. Can he tell you where the S&P will be Monday morning? 8-)

  2. > 7 Reasons I Dumped Facebook (Yahoo News)

    ” I learn more on Twitter . . . Goodbye, Facebook. Follow me on Twitter: @TimMaurer.”

    To each his own . . . frankly, I think they can serve very different, but useful purposes . . . as far as Twitter is concerned, by its very nature it can provide a torrent of information, much of which is blather or readily available from a variety of other sources . . . I also happen to think Google+ has its attractions.

  3. VennData says:

    Re “..Baum: Grow up, people. It’s time to stop blaming Bernanke for your losses…”

    Oh, they are grown. They are old in fact. Angry, old white men. Rock-ribbed Republicans. Closed-minded. Racist. Sexist. And much poorer. Think of Justice Roberts, Scalia, Cheney, the US Chamber of Commerce, etc… they are firm in their emotions and their beliefs. Boring and repulsive too.

  4. VennData says:

    Zero Hedge goes off the deep end

    “..Goebbels noted, “it thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” But Goebbels has been superceded. Repression is so last century. Why repress when you can simply drown it out. All it takes is for the media outlets to be owned by a few powerful and like-minded friends. A few media moguls and corporate giants, whose plastic pundits raise their voices while the dolly bird presenters flash their thighs. It’s all so full throttle and frantic, and charged with desire and greed. Anyone who disagrees is a conspiracy theorist. Anyone who breaks ranks is a whistleblower and whistleblowers are domestic terrorists, dysfunctional loners with personality problems and axes to grind. When the truth is vilified, hunted, gagged and goaled, then the State has chosen to go to war with the nation…”

  5. VennData says:


    “..It’s been a rough couple of month for those who adopt the Ron Paul/Glenn Beck school of portfolio management…”

    Keep on believing and feeling with Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Rupert Murdock, and the rest of your emotional leaders. Keep on holding the shiny stuff.

  6. chartist says:

    the only problem is the crackers south of the mason Dixon line did not lose enough over the last 12 years….Those folks have the guns….I want a throw down between the southern Baptists and the jews of NY……I’d pay for that.

    • Greg0658 says:

      I watched this program a couple nites ago over the air .. never knew about Henry Fords angst on the subject … the episode was enlightening on how the OpSys and the people forced to work inside & outside of it turn on each other over time .. father/son; inventors/money; labor/management; I’m probably miss’g some relationships > ya like utopian society/whats here
      American Experience – Henry Ford

      Ford (father of the mass production line) and Thomas Edison were good friends and liked to get away from it all camping & fishing – Edison 1 of my heros in this life (father of A/V) (& yours the tickertape)
      .. anyway ….

      world population
      1863-1947 nearly doubled
      1958-today has doubled

      (wonder if they would feel the urge to undo their inventions if they could look back from a time portal)

  7. VennData says:

    Petition to allow Tesla to sell cars.

    All those “Free marketers” …well, they are really about protecting their business models folks. And if you think otherwise, then why all the dealership fuss?