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10 Tuesday AM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On June 11, 2013 @ 10:00 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My morning reads:

About that whole downgrade thingie:  S&P Revises U.S. Outlook to Stable (Fox [1]) see also S&P’s Lack of Sway on Display in U.S. Move (WSJ [2]eejits!
• The 3 Worst Financial Predictions of the Last 5 Years (Pragmatic Capitalism [3])
• Is Japan already dead? (Worthwhile Canadian Initiative [4]) see also What Abenomics tells us about the great bond market asset bubble (Telegraph [5])
• More proof of FINRA’s corruption:  A Rise in Requests From Brokers to Wipe the Slate Clean (DealBook [6])
• Skyscraper Prices Head North (WSJ [7])
• Scaramucci Seeks Money for Manhattan Hedge-Fund Hangout (Bloomberg [8]) see also Scaramucci Schmoozes His Way Into Funds (Bloomberg [9])
• Recharge Now! Tesla stock could be in trouble unless they come up with a cheaper, stronger battery  (Barron’s [10])
The latest finance scam: Tire Rentals (Credit Slips [11]) see also High prices are driving more motorists to rent tires (Los Angeles Times [12])
• The economic case for the US to legalize all drugs (Quartz [13])
• ‘This Is Our Signature’: iOS 7 (Daring Fireball [14]) see also Why iRadio Could Be a Hit for Apple and a Dud for Big Music (All Things D [15])

What are you reading?


It’s a good thing S&P isn’t a hedge fund
Chart [16]
Source: The Reformed Broker [17]

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