My morning reads:

• The 8 Worst Gold Price Predictions We’ve Ever Heard (Business Insider) see also Gold Was a Horrible Investment from 1500 to 1965 (Atlantic)
• Fox Analyst Charles Payne Was Paid To Push Now Worthless Stocks (Media Matters) Are all Fox analysts paid stock touts, or just the two we know about?
• The Fed’s Real QE Mistake:Timing (Political Calculations) see also On the Failure of Ben Bernanke’s Non-Standard Monetary Policies… (Brad DeLong)
• Misjudged Annuity Guarantees May Cost Life Insurers Billions (WSJ)
• Carney’s Escape Velocity Aim Brings Canadian Halo to BOE (Bloomberg)
• The Sharpe Edifice (Research Puzzle)
• The Other Snowden Drama: Impugning the Messenger (NYT) see also U.S. Said to Explore Possible China Role in Snowden Leaks (Bloomberg)
• Exit From the Bond Market Is Turning Into a Stampede (DealBook)
• Why keeping FINRA from ruling RIAs is critical to these firms, the investor — and even the U.S. economy (RIABiz)
• Scientists create nanoscopic data storage using graphene ‘paper’ and electron ‘ink’ (Extreme Tech)

What are you reading?
Think It’s a Level Playing Field in the Financial Sector? Think Again.
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11 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Orders for U.S. Durable Goods Rose More Than Forecast

    US Consumer Confidence at Five-Year High in June

    Home Prices See Biggest Annual Gain in 7 Years, Survey Reveals

    I don’t Believe!

    - Jack Welch

    Retweeted from Jeff “interest rates won’t rise” Gundlach

  2. VennData says:

    Speaking Fox, those gold calls from Glenn Beck at least worked out for you… If you did the opposite!

    Go GOP, listen to your media outlets and follow them. Follow the party. Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow. Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

    GOP voter is a follower

  3. Dhanush says:

    Exit From the Bond Market Is Turning Into a Stampede

    “most strategists expected that investors would slowly transfer out of bonds, allowing interest rates to slowly drift up.”

    I just don’t get that! Yields were at their all time lows and the Fed signals tapering. How does that not imply a bond sell off?!

    Enlighten me, please.

      • Dhanush says:

        The articles pose a compelling argument, as ever. I am still slightly unsure about your stance though-perhaps it’s my academic curiosity rearing its inexperienced head. The Fed’s announcements led to a lot of action in the market. Nothing changed fundamentally (really) with the bonds, but yields rose and prices dropped. I would have done the same thing as you- underweight on bonds on the expectation that the Fed cannot continue on its merry ways forever. Would it be incorrect to state that investors holding bonds face a higher opportunity cost in the wake of QE tapering and thus sell bonds (quickly)? Perhaps it is the definition of action that is “concrete in nature” that determines what we deem as noise?

  4. willid3 says:

    internships are free labor?

    might really get you into big trouble unless you can follow a few rules

  5. willid3 says:

    thinks that make you go hm?
    true names of cities and states

    US version

  6. willid3 says:

    inventive way to get a bailout? dont say that you need a lot of money at the start.

    then you can build up from there. sort of like putting a frog in water, and slowly turning up the heat?

    wonder if our TBTF banks saw how this worked in Ireland, and decided to adopt it here?

  7. willid3 says:

    another hit against austerity? Ecuador didnt fallow the script. and seems to be doing better

    with a 7.8% growth rate, and about a 4.1% unemployment rate.

  8. willid3 says:

    how will higher interest rates turn out?

    some badly. some might hope for better out comes only to badly disappointed. and only IF the economy is going great, will this turn out well for any one savers included