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3 Responses to “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: David Letterman”

  1. PeterR says:

    Yesterday’s episode is here:


    And the trailer for next week with Don Rickles looks great:


    The new season thus far does not have the ZIP of last season IMO, especially the baguette bit in the car with Gad. [sic] Rickles may change this!

  2. Patrick Neid says:

    One of the best so far…

  3. ashpelham2 says:

    This was very funny, as basically every episode has been. The Sarah Silverman to begin Sea 2 had a strange feel to it. This is a great format, sort of like a mini-talk show, mini-Car and Driver hybrid. I wish David Letterman was the guy that I’ve always thought he was; easy-going jokester from the Mid-West. I suspect age and wealth makes him less pleasant to deal with, but he was funny and likeable in this segment. And GOOD LORD, that Volvo was a SLEEPER if ever I saw one!