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Source: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Category: Humor, Weekend

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4 Responses to “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Sarah Silverman “I’m Going To Change Your Life Forever””

  1. PeterR says:

    What is it about this series? Is it a sense of intimacy as a viewer, a feeling that you are also in the car and at the table, invited to dine as a guest?

    The lack of artifice, the spontaneity, the quick wit and subtle intelligence?

    The innocence . . .

    So well done — short and sweet!

  2. CSF says:

    This is a show where a middle-aged guy gets to take a younger, engaging, attractive woman for a drive because he’s got a sweet car.

  3. mitchn says:

    I love this series. Seinfeld is so generous. The perfect straight man. The world needs more good straight men. (And Sarah S. is pretty dang cute.)

  4. PeterR says:

    The three short clips posted at Jerry’s personal site change every day, and are often refreshing snippets from Jerry’s early days. The link is at the bottom of the video frame when you open up the CICGC page.

    There is an interesting statement under the What Is This? tab.