I Tweeted this the other day, but decided it needed to be on the blog:

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Source: Wonkblog

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3 Responses to “Congress is Less Popular than Lice, Colonoscopies or Nickelback”

  1. TerryC says:

    Less popular than Nickelback? No way!!

  2. scottinnj says:

    The Gallop poll in the Wonkblog link is garbage.

    According to Gallop, 10% of Americans have a great deal of confidence in Congress.

    That cannot be true. If you add up everyone who works for Booz Allen or TBTF banks and relatives of Congress you can’t come up with anything like 10% of the population.

  3. ReductiMat says:


    How many of the people who voted… “properly” as above, would hold lesser opinions of others if they don’t vote Depublicrat?

    If you vote Democrat or Republican you are to blame.

    I’m totally on Taleb’s nut here. Public service should be like jury duty. A random person for a random amount of time.