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DJ Supercrunk spent the last few months working on a David Bowie-inspired mash-up tribute album entitled I HEART BOWIE. You can download the album for free at IHEARTBOWIEPROJECT.COM.

He sampled David Bowie’s music and remixed it with hip-hop heavyweights. As a long-time Bowie fan and a hip-hop DJ, he considers this piece of work a special tribute that exhibit’s Bowie forever evolving style and perpetual cool.

Here is DJ Supercrunk:

“This experience was born in 2001 when I first heard David Bowie’s Ziggy Startdust and the Spiders From Mars Album. The first three tracks alone made me a David Bowie fan for the rest of my life. Fast-forward 11 years later, and we come to this moment. A DJ who loves hip-hop and David Bowie.

What to do?

That brings us to my magnum opus, I Heart Bowie. My remix project.

David Bowie’s catalog spans a multitude of genres and I hope the music reflects the variety he offers. Whether sampling the hard rock guitar riffs from :Rebel Rebel”, the funk of “Fame”, or the folksy beauty of “Quicksand”, Bowie has provided the perfect palate for an eclectic hip-hop album.

Special thanks to my brother for giving me my start, Frazier for giving me the focus, my children for giving me the drive, my wife for giving me the support, Big Brother Jason for giving me the love, Jason V. for giving me the thumbs up, and David Bowie for giving me the inspiration.”


-DJ Supercrunk (Al Danso)

entire album can be downloaded directly from:



Click for streaming audio

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3 Responses to “Friday Night Mash Up: I Heart Bowie”

  1. Dogfish says:

    “and a hip-hop DJ”

    Really? After so many rock threads (which are great), I thought you were mostly a rock guy. CDs, vinyl? Favorite MCs and producers?

    As a long-time Bowie fan and hip hop head (and techno/dnb DJ), thanks for the link.

    • heh heh — “and a hip-hop DJ” — no thats not me speaking, thats DJ Supercrunk

      I better clarify that above

      And yes, I am a rock guy . . .

      • Dogfish says:

        Oh, haha, ok. For a second there I had an image in my head of you working the night shift on some Springsteen mashups.