10 Weird Finance Facts

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6 Responses to “Fun Finance Trivia”

  1. hawks5999 says:

    The Federal Reserve being created in 1908 is indeed a weird “fact”

  2. GeorgeBurnsWasRight says:

    Japan should contact Zimbabwe for advice about combating deflation.

  3. chartist says:

    In 1971, my uncle had a Cadillac with a telephone in it…..How many people in the world had a car with a telephone, I dunno, maybe the president of the US and my uncle? I remember calling him on it. You had to get patched through via an operator. It was very expensive to make a call, something like $2 a minute in 1971 dollars.

  4. changja says:

    Am I remembering it wrong? I thought I read before that States and state banks were not allowed to print money and that only the US fed govt were allowed to?

    Hm – looks like history is more complicated – http://www.let.rug.nl/usa/essays/general/a-brief-history-of-central-banking/money-and-the-constitution.php