Since Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said the central bank expects to curb its big bond-buying program later this year, markets tumbled. But, a close look at his comments and Fed official’s interest-rate projections show the Fed took several steps aimed at sending the opposite signal.

6/21/2013 4:29:39 PM4:02

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2 Responses to “Hilsenrath: Markets Misreading Fed’s Messages”

  1. [...] What is somewhat different this go round is the unlikely market rescue by the Fed. Unlike prior interventions, QE4 is open-ended and continuous. Hence, we will not likely see a grand announcement about a new plan which will excite traders. Instead,  we are most likely to hear minor notes and course correction discussions as various Fed agents discuss and debate policy in public. We may also hear more often from the Fed’s chosen conduit to the Street, Jon Hilsenrath. [...]

  2. Willy2 says:

    Bernanke can’t speak openly so he uses Hilsenrath as a mouthpiece.

    The FED doesn’t control both short term & long term rates. When the FED says it won’t raise interest rates before 2015 then that’s for me an ackowledgement the FED doesn’t see ANY economic recovery before 2015.