See if you can identify which person engages in sensationalism and which does real journalism.


Hat tip Business Insider

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35 Responses to “Jon Hilsenrath to Rick Santelli: “This is What Journalism Is…“”

  1. rwboomtown says:

    Satellite has some theatrics to his delivery, no doubt, but I think a more aggressive press corp with the elites would serve this country well.

  2. Bob A says:

    if they fired every single commentator at cnbc tomorrow….
    would you miss any of them?

  3. DeDude says:

    Santelli actually thinks that a Journalist is supposed to write opinion pieces????

    Santelli never said it was about inflation – though he just said inflation was going to be a huge problem????

    Yes Santelli when someone try to hold you accountable for your absurd and wrong predictions – then it is “time to move on”.

    Who is the journalist – well it is clear who is the moron with a fact-free agenda

  4. Moe says:

    You can see Santilli trying to sell himself with every utterance and pose – Jim Cramer’s mad italian uncle. The looks Hilsenrath shoots him are quite awesome.

  5. miamijim says:

    How about the Santelli/(Glen)Beck show…..Roger Ailes would go for it!

  6. funkright says:

    Santilli must be right he talks louder and over others… Right? Equitable discourse be damned!

  7. WKWV says:

    I wouldn’t mind listening to Steve Liesman just once without Santelli doing a counterpoint at the same time. They don’t need to play Abbot and Costello.

  8. chartist says:

    Santelli is pissed because, like Stanley Drunkenmiller said, he’s got no competitive advantage as the fed keeps volatility low. There’s just too many people with 401Ks and no pensions that need returns….The Fed knows folks have been crushed in the last 12 years and they’re putting a stop to it.

    • call me ahab says:

      “The Fed knows folks have been crushed in the last 12 years and they’re putting a stop to it.”


  9. Disinfectant says:

    Santelli is so pathetic. Saying that commodities have been volatile is like saying that water is wet. Commodities are always volatile! They don’t appear any more volatile than usual in the past couple years. So even his attempt to claim that he was never talking about inflation, just commodity volatility, is b.s.

    • winstongator says:

      The ‘little guy’ doesn’t give a $h!t about commodity volatility, it is all high prices! Would anyone mind if gas went to $1.50/gal? How about if it stayed $3.50, or slowly drifted higher continuously? People care about the prices of goods, not volatility.

  10. loebd says:

    Holy fuck Santelli is annoying. I made it to 8:00 and had to tap out. Hilsenrath’s facial expressions made it worth watching to that point.

  11. Frwip says:

    Ok, 2:32, cut, got enough.

    What is this buffoon doing on TV ? He’s not even fit for the graveyard shift on QVC.

  12. Willy2 says:

    1. Hilsenrath’s stories DO move the markets because he’s – most definitely – a mouthpiece for the FED.
    2. Inflation is certainly (much) higher that reported. Keyword: “Hedonics”
    3. By being so emotional, “Shock Jock” Santelli makes himself a complete fool. That’s why I try to skip every video featuring Santelli.
    4. Santelli proves he doesn’t understand the how markets function and how the mechanism of debt & credit works.

    • I’ve been railing about Hedonics, substitution and other CPI sleight of hand for years.

      However, Inflation may be higher than the 0 that is reported, but its no way anywhere near the hyperinflation hysteria levels Santelli has been blathering about for 3 years

      • call me ahab says:


      • Willy2 says:

        Agree. Anyone who has a GOOD knowledge of the financial system knows that – for the time being – we’re nowhere near Hyper-Inflation. It could happen in the future but it requires a specific set of circumstances. Actually, in the current financial environment, price inflation actually leads to MORE deflation !!!!

        Did Santelli REALLY call for Hyper-Inflation ? Then he’s even dumber than I thought.

        About Hedonics: Without hedonics your taxbill would have gone up even MORE every year.

  13. MayorQuimby says:

    Add: Not to blow smoke but TBP is far more informative these days than anything on teevee. I for one do my own research and rely on none of this blather.

  14. MIracle Max says:

    Before this bit Santelli gave an even more unhinged rant that featured him picking up a trash can and throwing it.

  15. JimRino says:

    THe great thing is Santelli FINALLY Moved off HyperInflation.
    But, how is peddling “Volatility”.

  16. mitchn says:

    Hey, cut Rickie some slack. He was auditioning for the part of Ken Langone in a summer stock production of “The Godfather.”

  17. realitician says:

    I agree mitchn. Rick’s job is to play an angry, narrow minded clown. Not a reporter. It’s worked well for many before him and he’s taken their seminars. Anyone who wants facts isn’t watching Rick anyway. Those who do just want to get mad. Somebody’s going to do it, and get paid well for it. Why not Rick?

  18. Jack says:

    Hey, mitchn and realitician: I guess I’m piling on but that’s my take regarding almost all of those folks. They have their jobs based on their ability to sell an idea (ahem, ideology). Facts, analysis, insight are not allowed. It’s shtick.Or schtick. Or… never mind.

  19. Jack says:

    I’m back. Why does a guy like Hilsenrath even show up at these things? Ah shit, I answered my own question while typing. Somebody’s gotta challenge the assholes.

  20. sellstop says:

    Let’s see….. Fox news on the left and the Wall St. Journal on the right…..??
    Sensationalism vs. journalism.
    O’kay, I give up.
    How do you tell the difference. LOL

    On a somewhat related note I read the book they were pushing on CNBC yesterday by Niall Ferguson, “The Great Degeneration”. A lot of the same assumptions about free enterprise vs. govt. regulation, but he laments the demise of the “institutions” that make a free society productive and the lack of volunteerism in modern society. One institution that he only makes passing reference to is the labor unions. The demise of the popular power of the individual via their connection to the labor force is a big reason why the polarization of wealth has occurred in this country and around the world.
    And when Santelli derides the Fed for the low interest rates that are the supply siders dream he is hypocritical.
    Perhaps when interest rates actually go up the supply will go down and we may get that inflation that Mr. Santelli predicts…..After the emasculated workers get angry and rise up and kick his capitalist ass….


  21. sellstop says:

    It seems if i take too long to type a comment it doesn’t show up…..
    I said something really profound, but now I can’t remember what it was…..

  22. changja says:

    Santelli is incredibly annoying, Hilsenrath seems like a decent person that you can have a good discussion with.

  23. garsar says:

    Santelli is a blowhard and a clown trying to get your attention just like the front page of that great bastion of journalism, the National Enquirer. The alternative isn’t much better, as the mainstream media is hardly doing their job as journalists either. That’s why one has to dig for real unbiased news, which is not easy.

  24. carlosdacosta says:

    “See if you can identify which person engages in sensationalism and which does real journalism.”

    I’m paying attention to the content of what they say, not the style. The Santelli points are more than valid but it is unreasonable expect Hilsenrath to respond to them in a satisfactory manner.

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  26. pjschgo says:

    Why bother having a guest if you don’t want to hear what he has to say?!?! God Santelli’s a muppet; who needs that guy?

  27. tarapita says:

    Santelli shoulfd change his moniker to Dick Ranterelli. That way, his first name would tell you what he is, and his last name would tell you what he does.

  28. Frilton Miedman says:

    Santelli is a brazen idiot.

    For years he’s been mumbling the same exact bullshit without once taking the time to stop talking and hear the answer to the barrage of questions he spews in the above video.

    The reason we saw economic boom in the 1980′s with rates so much higher was the middle class net worth and wages to GDP were also substantially higher as ell.

    Could someone over at CNBC pulllease put viewers out of their misery and ask Santelli to just shut up already and report the news?

    I myself switched to Bloomberg, this bullshit got old a few years ago, this guy is a nitwit.