San Francisco filmmaker Brian Emerick created this sweet little film, which relies on a simple premise to communicate its love for New York City: every shot is just one second long, and everything was recorded over a single 12 day visit to NYC.

The resulting collage is a little sentimental, and there are one too many shots of familiar things like Governor’s Ball and the Brooklyn Bridge – but Emerick’s eye for compelling details makes everything shine. I’d like to see what he could do with a whole year.

NYC in 150 Beautiful Seconds

NYC: One Sec Shots from SDP on Vimeo.

Category: Weekend

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4 Responses to “NYC in 150 Beautiful Seconds”

  1. hr says:

    A quarter of these scenes could have been taken at Summerfest “The World’s Largest Music Festival”, taking place in Milwaukee from June 26-30, July 2-7.

  2. Bam_Man says:

    Nice, but I still think Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” is the best audio/visual love letter ever written to NYC. Shot back in the 70′s, but somehow just as powerful today.

  3. bear_in_mind says:

    Pretty cool. You’re right, he definitely grabbed some nice cinematic shots and he (or colleagues) nailed the editing. The music track was the most evocative part of the video, used to good effect to build interest and energy. My critique would be there was a lot of repetition of locales, excusable given the concept, but for me it did reign-in some of the breadth I think he was aiming to achieve. Cheers!

  4. steveripley says:

    This should just be called, ‘the day last summer I went to Governor’s Ball’.