Some spectacular Aston Martin flavored eye candy to start your rainy Friday:


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Source: Classic Driver

Some specifics:

• This ‘DB’ carried sublime coachwork, designed by Touring, handcrafted at Tickford works in Newport Pagnell.
• The successor to the DB2 started as a working prototype in 1954.
• The near four-seater DB4 led to Aston producing a shorter chassis DB4GT
• Triple-Weber-carburetor equipped, with a twin-plug head.
• In 1964, the final Series V form morphed the DB4 into a DB5. It had 4.0-litre engine and generally equipped with a five-speed ZF gearbox.
• The 1966 DB6 Mk 2 was probably the finest version of the DB4/5/6 series.
• Late 60s/early 70s the company moved towards high-performance V8s.




Source: Classic Driver

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6 Responses to “Six Appeal – 1960s Newport Pagnell Aston Martins”

  1. chartist says:

    I think pre-owned DB9 cabriolets are a bargain in the pre-owned market….check the prices of the BMW Z8! That car has climbed big time in the last decade.

  2. Joe Friday says:

    I was attacked for claiming the most exciting part of the Royal Wedding was the Seychelles Blue DB6 MKII Volante with real wire wheels (only 140 built) borrowed from Prince Charles.

    Oh, and of course that infamous view of Pippa’s ass.

  3. bobmitchell says:

    Why don’t the English have a semi-conductor industry?

    They couldn’t figure out how to make them leak oil.