We attempt to drive the Tesla Model S from Oslo, the capitol of Norway, to Geilo. The journey is only 270 kms, but with a climb of 800 metres and freezing temperatures. The test car is a US-spec Model S without cold weather spec.

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4 Responses to “Tesla Model S Cold Weather Range Test Norway”

  1. constantnormal says:

    With an EU-average retail gas price of about $8.33/gal (USD) (assuming I have done the arithmetic correctly), one wonders why Elon does not just build a manufacturing plant in Ireland, produce cars and charging stations, and roll everything back into the business tax-free … one would think that a model S made in Ireland would cost no more in the EU than a BMW or Volvo, and the shorter driving distances there, coupled with a lot more solar electric generation per capita, should make this extremely competitive in those markets.

    Yes, the 99% in the EU are having the economic life stomped out of them, but I suspect that in the EU, just as in the US, the 1% have hardly changed their lifestyles, and Tesla should be able to sell many hundreds/thousands of these cars there, while simultaneously dominating the plug-in charging station markets.

  2. Orange14 says:

    I saw a Tesla on the drive back from Philadelphia on Friday and it looked really sweet.

    @ConstantNormal – I think electricity prices are higher in Europe so it may be a wash in terms of expense of driving.

  3. Cato says:

    @Orange14 I can confirm anecdotally that electricity is significantly more expensive in London and rural Britain than in Charleston, SC, rural Virginia, and New York, NY, although I am hazier about the latter as everything seemed unaffordable!

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