by Mark Suster on Jun 09, 2013

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6 Responses to “The Sharing Economy”

  1. capitalistic says:

    One of the few “experts” to emphasize under-employment. I personally think that under-employment is the biggest drag on the economy. Since 2009, I have met a number of “highly educated” people with excellent work experience, working at Target (full time) and/or Sprint retail (full time). Scary.

  2. constantnormal says:

    When will talented fund managers with a strong grasp of global markets, be offering their services (with a list of excellent references and an audited track record) for rates that are 20% (or less) of those of domestic fund managers?

    How about corporate CEOs negotiating compensation contracts based on the after-tax earnings growth of the companies they manage? Say, based on a 30-month rolling average … with declines resulting in commensurate declines in their compensation … certainly no domestic CEO would agree to such a thing, but the world is bigger than we are. All that has to happen is to drive a stockholder revolt, and get the name inserted for consideration over the opposition of the board … stranger things have happened.

  3. Greg0658 says:

    the title slide reminded me of this last SundayMorning piece (pretty sure it aired before)

    but back to the slides #31 “artists struggling to earn a global wage suddenly …” struck a nerve

    friendly capitalism needs a population growth with continued acquisition ease of survival supplies
    in an ungrowing population capitalism needs a destructive mechanism – as everyone desires a well built “thing” that lasts
    capitalism needs a supply of laborers producing at a wage scale of upsmanship to capitalist-A vs capitalist-B

    as far as the artist angle saw another piece I’ll hi-lite:
    Performing Artists Compete, Move, Adapt in Tough Economy

    be one of the Best, or get inside the Government or get inside a superCorporation

    • Greg0658 says:

      forgot another “OR”
      or utilize the legal bankruptcy laws as an upsmanship

      wondering if there’s a datafile on bankruptcy discharges through the years?
      an equalizer for labor and stuff

  4. Tim says:

    On the lighter side…..that’s one hell of a picture above…..:~)

  5. CitizenWhy says:

    When one person gets most of the pie and the rest divide up the rest that’s still sharing, isn’t it? Why should anyone’s need interfere with a CEO’s Liberty?