Nice set of data via Russell Investments:


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Source: Russell Investments

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4 Responses to “State of the Economy Dashboard”

  1. Barry,

    We go into further depth for several of these factors each week here:

  2. mathman says:

    Saw this, thought you might like it:

    Dragon King beats Black Swan: Ted Talk with Didier Sornette

    The other day, on Pragmatic Capitalism Cullen Roche drew our attention to a fascinating Ted Talk by Didier Sornette about: How we can Predict the Next Financial Crisis.

    Didier Sornette has an impressive CV which shows that he is

    Professor of Entrepreneurial Risks
    Professor of Finance at the Swiss Finance Institute
    Director of the Financial Crisis Observatory
    Founding member of the Risk Center at ETH Zurich
    Associate Member of the Department of Physics (D-PHYS), ETH Zurich
    Associate Member of the Department of Earth Sciences (D-ERWD), ETH Zurich.
    Furthermore, he is the author of a much-noticed book on Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems.

    In the Ted Talk, Didier Sornette presents his concept of the “Dragon King”.

  3. mpappa says:

    I attended Russels Annual conference and was impressed. Love the dasboard that can be found on Russell Link.