Iraq repays America by awarding oil contracts to China.

Chinese Oil Drill


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14 Responses to “Who Won the Iraq War?”

  1. AtlasRocked says:

    and what about all the critics that complained we were in it for the oil? Doesnt this prove them wrong?

    (we were in it for the oil, just not directly. it is historically normal for all trade empires to fight wars at the fringe of their empires to protect trade partners and trade routes)

    • rd says:

      There is a difference between concept and execution.

      We were likely in it for the oil. But, the execution of the Iraq War once Baghdad fell was inept at best for the first few years.

    • gregory barton says:

      On the contrary, it shows that the US in not an empire, rather, a weak hegemony.

  2. Chad says:

    Sadly, it’s not even close.

  3. 873450 says:

    Who Won the Iraq War?

    Dick Cheney and his crony Halliburton
    Osama bin Laden
    New terrorists targeting USA for unnecessary invasion-occupation of wrong country (Boston Marathon)
    U.S. MIC (military industrial complex)

    • signal says:

      Damn! Beat me to it… (Dick Cheney / Halliburton / MIC are ~ same thing…)

      1. Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda
      2. MIC (specifically Oshkosh, BAE Systems (British), L-3 Communications, SAIC, United Technologies, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, Lockheed Martin on the “I” side)
      3. Iran

  4. Born Again says:

    Good for China and Iraq, the petrodollar is still alive.

  5. tyaresun says:

    My understanding was that the Iraq war helped companies like Exxon and BP replace French and Russian companies. Now Exxon and BP are selling the gas to China.

  6. farmera1 says:

    Who could have predicted this out come. Darn, I thought it was about WMDs, 911 and that nasty man Saddam.

  7. Willy2 says:

    Jon Stewart doesn’t get it. One MAJOR reason for the US to invade Iraq was the fact that Saddam Hoessein started to demand Euros for iraqi oil in october 2000. After the Gulf War of 1990/1991 the US slapped extremely harsh sanctions on its former friend Iraq. The introduction of the Euro in 1999 gave Saddam Hoessein a very good chance to retaliate. If all oil were to be priced in Euroes or yen today then US interest rates would start rising tomorrow and double or triple in say 6 months time. That’s why the US had to invade Iraq in march 2003 and switch payment for iraqi oil back to USD. In that way the US could continue to reap the benefits of the Petrodollar system. And then it doesn’t matter whether or not China buys all that iraqi oil.

    • That would have worked out great for Iraq!

      • Willy2 says:

        Don’t fool yourself. The US wanted to have – at least – 5 or 6 VERY large military bases in Iraq in order to control the region. But due to US hubris, mismanagement, clever iraqi politicians the US was outsmarted and US soldiers were forced to leave the country. The US knew already in 2006 that the iraqi war was lost, the goals were unachievable. But the Bush administration didn’t want to be looked upon as a loser. So, they passed the “hot potato” on to Obama.

        Don’t think the US still reaps the benefits of the Petrodollar (or “Exorbitant Privilege”). Since 2009, under the Obama administration the budget deficit became (much) larger than the Current Account Deficit for the first time in say 18 years. And that’s a killer for the socalled “Exorbitant Privilege”/PetroDollar system.

  8. odnalro zeraus says:

    Our enemy and nuclear threat, Iran, was the biggest winner, as their next door enemy, Iraq, was pulverized and they became unburdened to develop the bomb.
    The American people were the losers, we were weakened by an increased tumultuous deficit, lost of lives and morale. As well as by the increased animosity and threat against us from the Arab world as their peoples became victims of an unjust war.

    • rd says:

      More important to Iran, Iraq went from being an impacable foe with the Sunnis in charge to being a friendly neighbor as the Shiites got the major clout in government.