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5 Responses to “World’s Shortest Analyst Report”

  1. Livermore Shimervore says:

    What happened to “be greedy when others are fearful”? LOL.

    I have to comment on the reporting of this QE/ tapering. I was listening to CNN’s financial reporter, no need to say who she is we know her from all her obvious pro-Romney reporting during the election season, who said today “[investors are bailing on news that the Fed is pulling out]“.

    ^ This is what’s wrong with financial “journalism” today. First that’s NOT what the Fed said. And this nonsense is reported to millions of small investors at home?? who are now calling their brokers or logging on to their brokerage accounts to dump shares after hearing this… the stupid leading the blind.

    What the Fed actually said was:
    1-because the economy is improving!!!! <—did you get that part CNN person? This seems to be left out of your low grade reporting.
    2-the Fed will begin a gradual <—- how about that part??? need a definition of gradual??
    backing off of their intervention until employment targets are met <— in other words it's going to be a long, long, while before the Fed is through the economic exit doors because unemployment is not dropping to such rosy levels anytime soon.
    And if 3- the economy were to hit stumbling blocks the Fed would reverse course <— you left that out as well.

    CNN person, all you have to do is report one little 10 second blurb from the NYSE during the day. Can even get that right??

    I guess reporting the news correctly would point out to Joe investor at home that Wall Street is either retarded/illiterate or are using the downturn as an excuse to ring the register/take money off the table. Yes too complicated easier to report panic on the streets.

  2. Lugnut says:

    It certainly is unambiguous

  3. b_thunder says:

    1970s – “we’re all Keynesians now”

    2010s – “we’re all chartologists now”

  4. Pantmaker says:

    Disclosure…I believe the market is richly valued here and that markets mean revert. I also believe the Fed has blown a bubble in equities by leading sheeple into risk assets as they have been incorrectly led to believe there is some magical connection/insurance/guarantee between all of this ridiculous Fed purchasing and the sustainability of an overpriced stock market. This has all become even more ridiculous as the same sheeple are now transfixed on these circlejerkian interpretations of the Fed policy statements as if they have anything at all to do with market action in the first place. Here’s all the “interpreting” you need: markets are high…more people will be motivated to sell vs the number that will be motivated to by…prices will go lower. Ignore all of the Fed bullshit…it’s a side show fat lady. Oh….and the “media” has nothing to do with this either.

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