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Bond Investors Love TBTF

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10 Mid-Week PM Reads

My afternoon post-traveling reads: • U.S. Economy Looking More Japanese (Real Time Economics) but see The Economy in 9 Charts…..Bullishness Warranted (Value Plays) • Defined Benefit Plans Outperform Defined Contribution Plans Again (Towers Waston) • Already-strong case for Yellen strengthens further, and a word about the inanity of “market” preferences (FT Alphaville) see also Where…Read More

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If Corporate Logos Were Honest

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Euro-Area Debt-to-GDP Ratio Still Rising

click for bigger chart Source: Bloomberg Briefs     Even as Europe’s stock markets start to awaken, their debt issues continue to worsen. But the correlation may not be significant — the Debt may get worse before it gets better. Note the wide spread in debt amongst various countries — it is far from uniform….Read More

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10 Mid-Week AM Reads

My morning travelin’ reads: • China Stocks World’s Worst Losing $748 Billion on Slump (Bloomberg) see also Misreading Chinese Rebalancing (Project Syndicate) • The Pros and Cons of Stock Buybacks (WSJ) • Blackstone, Deutsche Bank in Talks to Sell Bond Backed by Home Rentals (WSJ) • Forward Earnings Flying High  (Dr. Ed’s Blog) • Relax,…Read More

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When Is Your American Express Bill Due?

What date are your bills due on? That is a simple question. I would surmise on any bill you receive — whether its electronic or in the mail — there is a clear date the bill is due. This is important for many American consumers and small businesses, who are balancing their cash flow, trying…Read More

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Coffee Guide

Hmmmm, coffee . . .   Click to enlarge Source: Ria Novosti

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Reducing Energy Weighting

Reducing Energy Weight David R. Kotok Cumberland Advisors, July 29, 2013     Last week we reduced our energy exposure to underweight. It had been overweight for a while, and we successfully participated in the rebound in natural gas prices and the narrowing of the spread between Brent and WTI (West Texas Intermediate) oil. It…Read More

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Support NSA Spying, Get Campaign Finance Cash

Presented without comment:


Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double the Defense Industry Cash
Source: Wired


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10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading: • Some Investing Stories Sound Good Until You Analyze Them (NYT) • Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger Shows a Golden Touch (BusinessWeek) • Another cheater wins on Wall Street (MarketWatch) see also On Wall Street Crime Pays 350% IRR (Zero Hedge) • Is the stock market in Wonderland? (CNN/Money) • What Ballmer Can’t…Read More

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