My afternoon plane reading:

• Gold rush trash is Information Age treasure (USAToday)
• When have econ blogs changed your mind about something? (Noahpinion)
• Does Dodd-Frank work? We asked 16 experts to find out (Wonkblog)
• Decline happens. (NYT) see also Recovering U.K. opens gap over Europe (CNNMoney)
• Does the Fed funds rate even matter? (FT Alphaville)
• Gold Bulls Bet Right as Prices Rally Most Since ’11 (Bloomberg) see also Copper Leads Metals Higher as European Stocks Fluctuate (Bloomberg)
• Bob Mankoff picks his 11 favorite New Yorker cartoons ever (Ted)
• Physicists Debate Whether the World Is Made of Particles or Fields or Something Else Entirely (Scientific American)
• Apple Tests Larger Screens for iPhones, iPads (WSJ)
• How ESPN/ABC stole Nate Silver from The New York Times — Young data guru promised Oscars role; may expand franchise to education, economics, weather (Politico) see also Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight Blog Is to Join ESPN Staff (NYT)

What are you reading?


Investors See End of Commodity ‘Supercycle’
Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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10 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. swag says:

    Me, I think dog pounds are more important than Harvard.

    But here’s Yves Smith on

    Why Larry Summers Should Not Be Permitted to Run Anything More Important than a Dog Pound

  2. willid3 says:

    printing vs borrowing?

    either the government is the source of money or you can have the private sector do it. but if the private sector does it, the government must support them?

  3. spudvol says:

    In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters

    A study finds the odds of rising to another income level are notably low in certain cities, like Atlanta and Charlotte, and much higher in New York and Boston.

  4. chartist says:

    Now you won’t believe this, but I own a landfill….It’s in PA and we once took in all the trash from Bergen and Posaic counties in NJ. Plus we took in plenty from NYC. I’ve been thinking about landfill mining for a long time. But, it’s not easy because of the way landfills are built, which is in cells. Each cell is lined with 60 mil polyethylene….The last thing you want to do is puncture a liner; whoa nelly you’ll have problems…So, while I know there’s gold in our landfill, it’s likely gonna stay there.

  5. Willy2 says:

    “Recovering U.K. opens gap over Europe”.

    The UK can’t escape the downturn in continetal Europe. A very large portion of UK exports is to Europe. and a rising GBP/Eur hurts UK exports even more. And how much of that economic recovery is due to “money printing” ?

  6. resuscitate says:

    So much for the price discovery bs! Xchanges are created in advanced capitalist economies to facilitate banks and other financial institutions to extract rents from society. Consumers and producers are better served without them. Prices traded in these xchanges unneccesarily include the parasitic premiums captured by these banks. We are in this state of economy that banks and other financial institutions are national securities. We will go down defending these banks regardless of cost. Ask the BoE and Ben Bernanke.

  7. mrthinks says:

    Just got this article about lifehacks from 100 years ago:

    I’d try a few of them, the splinter removing trick and the plant watering trick look like interesting.