My afternoon train reading:

• You’re Doing It Wrong: 4 Mistakes That Make Everyone a Bad Investor (Fool) see also Lessons Learned From Well-Behaved Investors (Bucks)
• Markets: The investor’s dilemma (
• One Difference Between a Great Recession and a Great Depression: Jobs (Harvard Business Review)
• Why Hedge Funds’ Glory Days May Be Gone for Good (Businessweek) see also Paulson’s gold fund loses 65% so far this year. Wow. (MarketWatch)
• Where did the Reach for Yield Go? (Synthenomics)
WTF!? Corporate Insiders Shift From ‘Buy’ to ‘Sell’ as Bankruptcy Nears (WSJ)
• The Insurance Industry’s Liberal Turn (Daily Beast)
• America’s Next Top Super Berry? (WSJ) see also Farming Got Hip In Iran Some 12,000 Years Ago, Ancient Seeds Reveal (KDLG)
• How Clothes Should Fit (How Clothes Should Fit)
• Who Is Howard Stern? Rolling Stone’s 1990 Feature (Rolling Stone)

What are you reading?


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9 Responses to “10 Thursday PM Reads”

  1. jackshelp says:

    Too funny not to share (all you need is $34k/year to be in the Top 1%!):

    • VennData says:


      He says we protect Civil rights! Like marriage equality? Voting equality? Access to health insurance? Abortions? All things his web of political corporations sending out blisteringly stupid colered large-font, unsubstantiated, anonymous emails fights to the end.

      And he concludes this spin by saying “we’re projected to see economic freedom it decline.” This is like his stupid basement email-generating outfits. Who claims it? How do they know the future? Based on what metrics?

      Koch is an asshat.

  2. VennData says:

    Democrats Poised to Limit Filibusters, Angering G.O.P.

    “…Mr. Reid said he would back away from an effort to change the rules if Republicans allowed simple majority votes on seven pending nominees, including those for the Labor Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, a consumer protection agency and the National Labor Relations Board. If not, he said, he would try to force through a rule change next week…”

    ​Where are the “we just want an up or down vote” guys now?​ Covering their shorts?

  3. VennData says:

    US budget surplus in June

    If you add two and a half million jobs a year, we’ll see more of this.

  4. rd says:

    The Koch brothers are desparately needed in China. Apparently the peasants lives have been improving to the point where they are now starting to question unbridled growth and deciding that quality of life also has value:

    Reining in pollution as the societal costs of it get recognized is not something that is easily shown to have benefit on a corproate balance sheet which we all know is the only true measure of anything. An American style PR combined with graft campaign to convince these people and win over politicians to keep the economic machine running at all costs is clearly required.

  5. rd says:

    The aronias (one of the “superberries” are good landscaping plant replacements for burning bush that are getting banned for sale in NYS. So you can replace a non-native invasive species with a native species that is a good wildlife plant with potential health food use for the berries.