• Every 2014 Corvette now features an aluminum frame, not just the higher-performance models;
• 99-pound weight reduction with a 57 percent increase in stiffness;
• Standard Brembo brakes that, while slightly smaller in diameter than before, boast 35 percent more swept area thanks to larger pads that cover more area on the rotor face;
• 6.2L V8;
• 450 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque.

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2014 Chevy Corvette C7 Coupe - front three-quarter view on show stand, red




Source: Motor Trend , Chevrolet , Autoblog , and Autoweek

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18 Responses to “2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray”

  1. peachin says:

    What a shame – the rear end feels Camaro – as for performance – sure… Great! as for looks – looks like an over made up woman with more than she needed to look good!

    • I see a touch of Camaro there 00 both GMs after all — but the overall design is fresh and exiting.

      Its the first Corvette I have ever even considered

      • Mike in Nola says:

        It really does look Camaro-ish.

      • eroldictat says:

        @BR I’m with you Barry. What is is about ‘vette that makes it so easy to eliminate from consideration? Probably the in-place driver base that makes you feel old when you see them doing 55 alone with the top down, sun reflecting off their polished heads. Also, interiors have been so shameful that it makes you question the integrity of the whole design team. But, these perceptions can change…and I like what I’m seeing in the ’14. Have a good Sunday.

      • I dont love the interior — they need to make the Vette dashboard competitive at least with the 911, if not Ferrari — they are not there yet

  2. chartist says:

    I always felt the that 1967 Stingray was the best of the lot. But, this fresh look is very nice. It’s the poor man’s Ferrari. I would buy this Corvette.

  3. willid3 says:

    thinking the Camaro adopted the Vette’s taillights in the current generation. cause Camaro’s never really had a consistent taillight treatment. and Vette’s have had that 5suare taillights before

  4. agentbillo says:

    I think the new design is great; sharp, kind of mean, like the old Stingray.

  5. econimonium says:

    Maybe it’s just my age, but when I see a Vette I think “mid-life crisis” or “60 year old trying to score someone less than half his age” or “Wow, the septic tank pumping franchise really took off for this guy”. Perception is reality sometimes. Perhaps GM can shake that “people of a certain age drive Buicks” sort of thing with a refreshed Vette. I don’t think I could drive one with a straight face. But I could easily drive a Cayman S and hold my head high. Seeing this design hasn’t really changed that for me. But I encourage the moves in the right direction for the Vette.

  6. BennyProfane says:

    Problem is, and almost always has been that women smirk at and scorn the Vette. Most women. And they just aren’t helping themselves here with that Transformers zappy toy look of the new hot GM car design. Are they just giving up on anyone with taste in design, and going for the comic book crowd? Soften it up, dudes. Show some class.

    • bear_in_mind says:

      I had the same response! I like the new fender and quarter-panel lines, but the liberal application of the black “vents” (or whatever the hell they are) in the front fender, rear fender, taillight assemblies, just screams Hot Wheels to me. But a little more attention to design subtlety and addressing the interior accoutrements might just make it a “buy” for me.

  7. vaughn says:

    just looked at a restored 77…..one of the more beautiful designs

  8. jaymaster says:

    Based on my observations (anecdotal, I’ll admit), the notion of the ‘vette being an old man’s car is more than just a myth.

    I live near Carlisle, PA, and I regularly attend many of the large car shows there. Attendance at the corvette shows are hugely skewed to the middle aged and above. But I’d say they actually have an above average female attendance, relative to other shows.

    More troubling for GM, 10 years ago it looked like the crowd was mostly 40+. Today, they look closer to 50+.

  9. MayorQuimby says:

    What does Barry Ritholtz drive?!

  10. RW says:

    My definition of a stylish muscle car was a 1967 Stingray w/ 427 powerplant (that I only drove twice) and I never got over it. Just about every millennial successor hot rod could probably beat it (on technical grounds at least) but since that is actually irrelevant to the question I’m not sure why I even bothered to mention it; we’re talking psyche spelled with an ‘e’ here.

  11. Livermore Shimervore says:

    Old school Chevy engine tech and horse and buggy suspension is already obliterating the best Porsches and Ferraris…on street tires. Good Lord wait until some really fast stickies are mounted to that C7.
    Henessy have just unveiled a super charged performace package that will put the C7 into N-ring lap shattering territory (700 HP) for a pittance relative to what it would cost to upsuit a Porsche or Ferrari for similar performance gain over showroom stock. And the kicker, unlike Porsche, GM will not tell you to pound sand if you track the C7 and the engine goes kaput.

    also, the complaints that the rear looks like a Camaro really baffle me. First of all, go actually take a look at the rear of a Camaro, it looks vaguely like the Stingray’s. The Stingray has much more depth and engineering at work back there. I would say the front end of the 991 GT3 looks more like a VW Beettle than the Stingray rear looks like a Camaro.
    Although I agree with BR, the interior needs more cow bell. The cruise ship capatain cockpit center console, like on a Panamera looks out of place for a performance oriented car, this isn’t a Grand Touring like a Carrera. They should have followed the design of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia; with carbon race seats, the interior is cavernous, plenty of room for over-sized Americans.