Maps of corporate tax-avoidance


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Source: OpenCorporates


Fascinating exploration of how various banks duck paying taxes in the US.


Hat tip boingboing

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5 Responses to “Corporate Tax-Avoidance Maps”

  1. speedius says:

    It’s like Tor for money.

  2. libertarian says:

    Imagine how all that energy could be used for something productive, rather than dodging the US communist 35% rate. Drop that S to 0% and all arrows point to the US. Hell, 5%. Some people just won’t get it though. Sure most readers only see “Evil bankers not paying their ‘fair share’” haha. Those people are the funny ones to have conversations with.

  3. dow says:

    I do not see any way that a company with that complicated a structure is actually profitable and legal.

  4. Frilton Miedman says:

    An industry, who’s profits are fully subsidized by the Fed, that derives revenues via investment fraud, futures manipulation, Libor & FX manipulation, HFT scalping and deceiving “muppets” of their retirements, one would think we get at least something back in taxes.

    Nope, instead, they bribe our government to allow them to skim taxes, and in return those bribed representatives present the idea that we make up for lost revenues by cutting food programs for the poor, cutting medicare, cutting social security, cutting government employment and avoid spending for infrastructure.

    I’m A broken record, I know, but every bit of this (and countless other problems) is resolved when we finally undo the SCOTUS’s decision the bribery = free speech.

    Bernie Sanders is a true true contemporary example of what the founding fathers intended as representation – this is his proposal for the problem –

    I’ve signed, I hope you all do as well.