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Women in the Workplace
Source: NYT


Nice set of charts via Floyd Norris of the NYT from his weekly “Off the Charts” column, which was about this surprising datapoint:

“All the jobs lost by women during the Great Recession have been recovered, at least in the private sector. But men still have a way to go before that happens.”


Gender Gaps Appear as Employment Recovers From the Recession
NYT, July 13 2013

Category: Data Analysis, Employment

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6 Responses to “Employment Gender Gap”

  1. chartist says:

    I wonder if wages paid, women earning less, has something to do with this.


    • rd says:

      It would be more interesting to see the data parsed by age.

      Older workers laid off in the work place are more likely to have been men simply because men made up a significant percentage of that working cohort.

      Companies may be restocking with less expensive younger people, a cohort where the women are much more prevalent.

  2. Lyle says:

    It would be interesting to take the employment graphs and subtract construction jobs and see the results, since construction is a largely male field. I do note the manufacturing graph, but think construction would deserve its own graph. What is also interesting is that except for manufacturing and IT women hold a majority of the jobs in the other fields.

  3. FNG says:

    Maybe chartist is simply implying that the “lower salary for same work” thesis is impacting who gets rehired. Maybe, maybe not but it is certainly worth considering among many other factors. Why do you feel the need to capitalize your response to him? BR, admit it you have been sipping the scotch while blogging!